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NOTE: We were going to do this as the "Community Meeting" but due to some last-minute scheduling issues, we're just going to use this thread to say what we were going to. We may still have the Community Meeting, but for now, discussing in this thread will do. AKA what Wolf just said.

Wolf and I formulated this after a ton of internal discussion. Please do read it all despite its length as we have given it a lot of time, effort, and thought!

Anyway, the first thing we wanted to bring up is how we feel like the initiative for creating "activity" or just for making the forum more fun has always rested entirely on the shoulders of S&M/CBC staff. This isn't necessarily a problem, but we think it would keep you guys involved a lot more if everyone collectively determines what initiatives we take. For example, instead of Wolf and I saying "well, time for a ComNight" and then having one, one of you guys can ask if you can run it in this thread (we will say yes, it's just so that multiple people don't plan on it at once) and then do it yourself. And if you need our help with anything or you have an emergency on the day of the event or something like that, we can step in and do whatever you need. And really, ComNight is just example: if no one wants to do a ComNight and you guys would rather do something like the Hunger Games event that was proposed a few months ago, more power to you. We just want fun things to be going on. We definitely feel like T&E has great potential and is merely dormant. If awoken, it could be really awesome much like Battle Stadium once was. You guys can basically post any event that your imagination deems worthy of being posted, so have something in mind, fire away.

In other words, we want you guys to determine what events we do because you guys know better than we do; at times it is frustrating when we feel like we don't really know what anyone wants to do. So that is in part what this more decentralized approach is trying to solve. Also, unless it's a ComNight or an official PC tournament, you don't even need to post here for approval to run your event. You can just make it and post it. We don't want to get in the way though like I said, we are always willing to help if anyone needs it. But as Vrai said during the 2011 "let's fix S&M/CBC" wave, "become the change that you wish to see." And we will provide all the necessary support.

Similarly, we feel like discussion threads have been completely ignored, and even at the height of the forum years ago they were virtually nonexistent. Discussions are engaging and fun if the topic is good. Either use the Chat sticky or post a thread, but if you feel like nothing is going on or you just think a specific topic is particularly thought-provoking, post it! I know that I have reacted pretty negatively to the threads about tier placement, but we're not going to lock anything unless multiple people break the rules. It's as simple as that. Don't feel held back at all. We just wanted to bring up the fact that while discussions threads are not traditional, they can be awesome. Just look at Dragonspiral Tower on Smogon. Even individual Pokemon, items, or moves can be discussed if you want. There are lots of possibilities. Don't forget the possibility of posting a thread about a different metagame (and maybe even a tournament to complement it if you're a superstar) as this can give battling (and competitive Pokemon in general) more variety, especially for people who don't like BW. Though again we stress that you should only do what you want to do. We just wanted to throw this out there because it is a forgotten possibility. Don't feel obligated to post them or in them, but you can always post a discussion if you want.

In truth, this isn't some groundbreaking thing. We have just noticed that sometimes us CBCers like to blame others for activity woes or complain about activity in general without actually doing anything productive to combat the problem. This is our answer to that. Activity bad? Make a tour. Rate or post a team. Post a discussion thread. Host a ComNight. Make any kind of event you want. It's easy to get pessimistic, but if everyone has the outlet to channel that frustration into fun events or helping each other with our teams, we think it will be much easier to see real improvement. And no one will have any excuses; we will collectively take responsibility for the fate of the forum.

That's the main thing. The few remaining points require less talking on my part but are no less important. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!

I just alluded to this, but there is no point in being pessimistic. We're not sure where everyone stands on how bright you think the forum's future is, but it will never improve if we don't think it will. It sounds corny, but it's true. And if you're upset about something, use this thread. Wolf and I both feel like the Improvement Thread is a vastly underutilized resource. It's here for a reason. If you have a complaint, don't be afraid to post it. If we wanted to be above criticism, we would have kept it in Staff Forums. (This thread is just the old "let's fix S&M" thread reincarnated so that you guys would be more involved.) It's much better if you post your issues now in this thread rather than a "goodbye PC" rant a few months later. If you have to throw someone under the bus and it's not appropriate for the thread, PM Wolf or myself and we'll do our best to solve the problem. Don't just say nothing!

Next up is RMTs. To be honest, Wolf and I have both to varying extents wondered if they matter as much as they once did. Indeed, we don't want to force you guys to do it. Forums are to have fun, not to do something you don't want to for the sake of activity. All we ask though is that, if you need help with your team, use the main forum, as it is there for a reason. We also want to stress that your team doesn't have to be some ladder-climbing behemoth with overwhelming aesthetics in the RMT to match. Six Pokemon, some short descriptions, and maybe some sprites to make it pretty (and easier to rate) is plenty. Feel free to go the extra mile, but don't forget the "rate" in "rate my team." Their function is to get you help!

In terms of rating, we know some of you view it as a chore. Just know that you don't need long, in-depth rates to be helpful and make a difference. Again, going the extra mile is great, but rating used to be much more simplistic and everyone seemed to enjoy it more. Coincidence? Maybe not. We definitely would like to hear your thoughts on this (and what was mentioned in the previous paragraph) though as it (the inactivity of the RMT scene) has puzzled and even divided Wolf and I at times. We don't quite know what to make of it or where people stand (and why). This might be better for the Community Meeting, but we might as well bring it up now.

And on that note, feel free to comment on or discuss anything we brought up...or even something else if you feel like there is something important that needs to be addressed. We just want everyone to be on the same page going forward so that we have the best forum possible and to ensure that everything is harmonious.