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Leon Nef-Syndicate HQ-Birmingham England

“I can cut objects just by looking at them.” Archie said as he demonstrated his power to Leon, cutting through the tin of the bean can. It all looked rather impressive to Leon, but he'd never admit it to Archie. Instead, Leon stared back into Archie's eyes as he stared in his and gave him an affirmative nod. "Not bad." He said. It was as he first thought. Looks can be deceiving. It was a very interesting ability, and it gave Leon a little bit of insight on the range of abilities that people had. It was also dangerous. To make matters worse, or better depending on how you look at it, Leon didn't really know the extent of his powers. Still, even though it appeared they would all be on the same side, it gave Leon more motivation to get even stronger.

Leon's thought process was interrupted by the clearing of the throat. Leon turned to find the Directive standing with another person, a guy with tanned skin, black hair and a hoodie. He was, as the Directive revealed, another new recruit by the name of Jericho, or Jerri. Leon covered his mouth to contain a laugh. To Leon, this had to be stupidest collection of names he had ever heard. He wondered what kind of parents would ever bare to name their children thus. Sending his gaze over to Jericho, Leon gave him a nod, deciding to hold and comments, for now. Archie then spoke, asking a good question. The most important one. Why were they recruited? Why were they here.

“We recruited you Archie, because we saw you as someone who could achieve great power and become something much more than another body in the crowd.” He spoke to everyone in the kitchen now. “you were all hand-picked because you show potential to achieve a lot of things.”

Leon gave the Directive a blank stare. It was probably not the exact answer they were looking for, because in reality, he didn't say much, other than the usual bullsh** anyone would say if leading an organization based no doubt on secrecy. Leon understood he wasn't going to get any real answers from him, even if he attempted to pry him with answers. But from what Leon was able to gather, the Syndicate was after something; and since they needed Atlanteans, probably in mass, it was something huge. Despite his attempts to push the memories away, Leon's mind wandered to the forest, and the four Atlanteans he was sent to kill. If they were truly gathering Atlanteans, why not gather those four as well? Leon figured it out by putting two together: they were most likely from another group, probably a rival group, perhaps the AUP or Atlantean Royal Family the Directive mentioned before. Leon didn't know what he was in store for, but if he truly had, as the Directive put it, "potential to achieve a lot of things", exactly how many on the other sides had that same potential.

Leon's mind stopped it's wandering, and returned to the situation at hand. His eyes scanned around the room at the group of Atlanteans in it. He shrugged as he spoke.

"I'm sure we'll get along fabulously." Leon said, giving a grin to the rest of them. "But...well, if these are the, how you say, 'cream of the crop', then I suppose I shall make due. I guess I'll see how well you handle yourselves, because to be honest, you don't look like much to me..."

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