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Oakley North - Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

"I... remember," she said, lightly rubbing her head with her left hand where Christian had... was that a noogie? She kind of remembered. In fact, she could remember up until getting pulled out of the helicopter after her brother, then it was all blank. Obviously they had gotten to the ground somehow, but the inbetween would be a mystery to her. Like her mind blank from before. What was up with that? "Antonia, sorry. I'll remember it next time."

"Hello. My name is Christian. I am sorry, but I don't recall yours offhand."

"Kieran," Kieran leant over the table to accept Christian's handshake and fell back into his seat when he had shook it an acceptable number of times. "Kieran Davis. Nice to meet you too, Christian. I'm guessing you're the Christian that owns the motorcycle they brought over last night? That's a pretty sweet bike you got there."

Oakley had zoned out as Kieran made light chatter, not really caring much for motorcycles nor having enough knowledge on them to make any kind of input into the conversation. Instead, she turned her head and leant on her left arm, her right arm resting in her lap still clutching the Crystal tightly. Her eyes chanced upon her brother who had stood up to take his plate away from a nearby table. Oakley frowned at him as his attention was drawn to the exit and felt compelled to follow him. She wanted to talk to him while she still could. She was allowed the Crystal until before bed, right? She wanted to talk before she was afraid that it would hurt her. Her body seemed to move for her and she began to stand up, her eyes fixated on him as he left the dining hall. She was barely at full height (which wasn't tall at all, mind you) before she felt a gentle grip on her arm.

"Where are you going, Oakley?" Kieran tugged softly on her arm. "You shouldn't wander off especially when you just got out of the the first aid room." Kieran looked back at Christian and tried to explain to their slightly confused faces. "Yeah, there was a slight incident during training," he gestured to her right palm, the one that was bandaged and clutching the Crystal. "Oakley fell onto my swords," he then motioned to his arms though his bone swords were hidden by his jacket, "and I accidently hurt her. It was an accident and she had to go to the first aid room."

Oakley let the arm guide her back down to her chair and slumped into it. She knew she couldn't convince Kieran to let her go see her brother. What she needed was a back up plan.

"Christian," she said, changing the subject, "do you speak any other languages other than English?"

Adeline "Otto" Russo - Under The Vatican, Rome, Italy

"I have no organisation, I am The Librarian and this is my student, my apprentice and my assistant, Adeline Russo. Yes, the Royal Family was who you would have originally been sent to if you had taken that train to Boston. The Atlantean Mansion where they currently reside is located there," The Librarian said, offering the father and son seats in one of the reading corners, taking on himself. Otto sat herself down adjacent to The Librarian. "Me? I have pledged no alliance with any of the other organisations out there that are run only by Atlanteans. If you must know, so far I know of two others plus an assortment of small, random rebel groups who have inevitably surfaced with the reveal of Atlanteans. The big ones other than the Royal Family are a group called 'The Syndicate' and 'The Atlantean Unification Project'. I have contact with the AUP, as they like to call it since it is such a mouthful, but we work on a 'give and you shall recieve' basis," his face turned bitter for just a moment before it returned to a smile.

"The AUP have not been telling us a lot of things," Otto added.

"Yes. Usually, I'm on good terms with dear Emil and Mr. Cooper but lately, they have not been... honest, with their replies. I suspect they are not telling me whole truths so because of that, I have not told them what I have learned of The Syndicate," he winked at them as if he was being cheeky to a child as opposed to some kind of 'deadly' organisation. "I am not afraid of them, they cannot surprise me with something I have not seen before."

"Are you confused?"

"What Adeline means is," the Librarian continued, "is that are you confused by me telling you this? It is because I like to keep my guests well informed. They are my friends. When I recieve something, I like to give something in return!" he smiled at them, nodding. "So, Alex, Cira, what do you say?"
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