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    Creating your own monsters? Count me in. Also, if I get accepted, can I post my starting monsters full evolution line?

    Name: Arro Malthesis

    Age: 23

    Arro is a very tall and muscular man, which makes him adept at handling dangerous monsters. Arro measures up at six feet, five inches tall, which is tall even in the future. Arro weighs in at a very large two-hundred and forty nine pounds, most of which is muscle. Arro has a very worn and chiseled face, with many a sharp features. Arro has bright,clear,defined green eyes, which shine under sunlight. Arro has a slightly tanned skin tone, which is the result of being outside often. Arro is the bearer of short brown hair, which is kept clean and combed. Arro often wears a black flat-brim hat, with a MFC logo on the front. For clothes, Arro wears a plain black t-shirt, covered by a black MFC sport-coat if it is cold outside. Arro dons a pair of dark blue,baggy jeans, or surfer shorts in the summer. For shoes, he wears white low-tops with a 3000's era logo on it.

    Arro is the definition of a friendly giant, for despite his enormous stature, he is one of the more nicer people. Arro is calm, honest and caring. He is considered "a good friend" due to those qualities, and is know as an all-around nice guy. Arro is willing to stand up for his friends and allies, that is why he is know to be associated with the FRA, although he has know formal connection to the group. Arro is quite intelligent when compared to most, something you don't see when you meet him. Although Arro is known as a nice-guy, he does have that snap in him that turns him into a six-foot-five bull in a china shop. Arro is a goal-oriented man, his life plan based on setting goals and meeting them. Arro is an industrious person, believing that hard work is the way to success. Arro is honest, not believing in cheating instead working hard towards his accomplishments because to Arro, he feels better about a small accomplishment that he earned than a big accomplishment he didn't earn.

    Arro also has that drive for speed, based on him wanting to race when he was younger, before he found taming. Arro's need for speed sometimes makes him run towards a place instead of walk, drive fast instead of slow, and so forth. Arro carries many concepts from racing into his monster battling tactics, such as giving a little ground to put yourself in a better spot, and being willing to make a strategy change to enhance success. Although Arro is no dad or family man, he is able to get along with the younger generation, sacrificing his own time to make a kid, or anyone for that matter, smile. Arro has a witty sense of humour, cracking jokes with ease yet not using a joke that hurts someone's feelings.

    Arro is a tactical genius, stringing together smart moves and brute power. Arro, due to his size, carries an aura of intimidation with him, something that has its ups and downs. Arro is a calming voice of reason when it comes to most disputes and issues. Arro is built to be tough, both physically and emotionally. Arro is a meditator, often meditating with his monsters. Arro is a believer in Zen, which aids him when problems arise, but causes him to be a bit timid. Arro's calm nature often goes against him as he waits patiently for the right chance more often than not.

    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Starting monster: Drateel

    Monster's appearance:
    Drateel is a small, yet fierce monster. it's viciousness is a detail of what it could be in later evolutions. It has about an ten inch snake-like metallic body. Drateel has two metal covered wings that reach out to a wingspan of one foot. Drateel is a four-legged terror, being able to quickly move on the ground as well as the air. Drateel has a sharp whip-like tail, although the tamer has to regularly sharpen the tail for maximum effectiveness. Drateel's wings, which have a one foot wingspan, are sleek and sharp, and can do damage if used correctly. Drateel's head is smooth and metallic, with two horn-like structure starting to bump out of the skull at the beak, and creates a ridge that goes over the eyes, while staying joined to the skull, and pointing back over the skull. When a Drateel opens its mouth, row after row of sharp metal teeth are found, with these teeth being able to rip apart cement like cotton. Drateel are armed with four talon on each foot, with each talonbeing honed for maximum cutting power, being able to slice through the hardest of materials. Drateel have red, piercing eyes which instill fear all on their own.

    Drateel are not able to talk, only shriek, growl and yelp, although they are quiet intelligent.

    Type and Weakness: Metal weakness is fire

    Attacks: Will learn more.

    1. Airborne Fury (Wind)- The Monster using this move flies high up into the air, then divebombs down at the opposing monster at a high speed. This move, which has a low accuracy rate, hurts the user regardless if it hits.

    2. Lock-On(Metal)- The Monster using this move uses Cyborg technology to lock-on to the opposing monster, raising the user's accuracy.

    3. Sword Slash(Metal)- The Monster using this move uses a sharp object of its, either a tail, claw or fin, and slashes its opponent.

    4. Claw Swipe(Metal)- The Monster using this move swipes it's claw at its opponent.

    Evolutions of Drateel:


    Name: Stacor
    Type: Metal
    Weakness: Fire
    Stacor are similar in appearance to Drateel, except of a few things. First of all, Stacor are larger. A Stacor, when measured head to tail, is five feet long. Also, A Stacor wingspan reaches sixty-two inches. Stacor also have longer talons than Drateel, with Stacor talons measuring at five inches apiece. Stacor also start developing the underbite that is present in further evolutions. Also to be noted, Stacor sport small metal knobs on its back, which in later evolutions become full spikes. Stacor are able to speak, although they only have a limited vocabulary and attention span.


    Name: Allugon
    Type: Metal
    Weakness: Fire
    The Differences between Allugon and its predecessors are enormous. Allugon grows in size, growing up to fifty-five feet long, when measured from head to tail. Allugon has a very large wingspan, the wingspan measuring sixty-one feet. Allugon also become bulkier than Stacor, but still have the thin, whip-like tail. Mind you, the tail becomes much harder to sharpen now that it is eighteen feet long. Allugon has four foot spikes protruding from its spine, these spines used for both offense and defense. Allugon's talons grow up to five feet long, each talon being able to cut through diamonds. The standard metallic coat on the Stacor and Drateel darkens once the monster evolves into Allugon, revealing a midnight black finish, yet still having a steel-coloured underbelly. Allugon's mouth holds thirty-four rows of six-foot long teeth, each one being able to rip and shred through nearly anything. Allugon's horns are similar to it's predecessors, but the horns stretch back over Allugon's skull. Allugon are able to communicate with humans and other monsters. Allugon begin the habit of hoarding shiny objects. It is possible for any human to ride an Allugon.


    Name: Titanah
    Type: Metal
    Weakness: Fire
    Titanah are purely massive creatures. Measuring from head to tail at ninety-two feet, they are one of the larger monsters around. Titanah's wingspan clocks in at one hundred feet across. Titanah's talons grow up to fourteen feet each. Titanah's back spikes are measuring in at nineteen feet each. Titanah have fifty-seven rows of unimaginably sharp teeth, each one measuring in at about twelve feet long. Titanah have a different facial structure then its predecessors, Titanah replacing the face-shield horn of Drateel, Stacor and Allugon with more traditional dragon horns, each one being forty-one feet long. Titanah have a large underbite which exposes it's two front teeth, which are twenty feet long, instead of the regular twelve feet long. Titanah are bulkier than Allugon, but still have the long, whip-like tail. Titanah are able to breath fire and ice. Titanah are able to talk any language fluently, Titanah are more intelligent than most humans. Titanah are able of flying at speed of two-thousand miles per hour, and are able to fly in space.

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