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During the last week, I've played through Diamond and completed it.
  • Chose Turtwig for HM and early-game purposes. I soloed with him until I reached Eterna Forest, where I caught Blackout the Murkrow.
  • Blackout was great against Gardenia, and the three gym leaders after her weren't difficult either. But Byron was challenging, since I had deleted Night Shade, thinking that it wouldn't come in handy anymore. So I was stuck with Flying- and Dark-type moves, and had to stall him with Hyper Potions.
  • After Byron, I went to catch a Sneasel, which was a bit tricky, but it eventually worked. Named it SantaClaws.
  • When Candice was taken down, I went to Team Galactic's HQ in Veilstone to raid it. When I was done and ready to go to Mt. Coronet, I realized that a boy in Eterna City will offer a Chatot for a Buizel. So I went and caught a Buizel to trade it, and I got Charap the Chatot that completed my team.
  • I took on the Galactic grunts in Mt. Coronet, and also Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus. Since my team couldn't really handle Steel-types well, I just threw my Master Ball at Dialga.
  • Volkner was not too tough, but since I had two Flying-types, SantaClaws pretty much had to do all the work.
  • The Elite Four was easy. I was a bit worried about Bertha, since all of my Pokémon were weak to Rock. I managed to pull it through though.
  • Cynthia on the other hand, was not easy. It was quite tense, like when SantaClaws barely survived a Giga Impact from Garchomp, and then took it out with an Avalanche.
  • After many Hyper Potions and Revives, Cynthia finally went down!


Blackout the Honchkrow, Lv 59 (♂)
Item: Dread Plate
Fly, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Wing Attack

SantaClaws the Weavile, Lv 59 (♂)
Item: Icicle Plate
Night Slash, Slash, Brick Break, Avalanche (since Weavile usually gets Night Slash at Lv 35, I had to get a Heart Scale for it, since Sneasel doesn't learn it. I obtained one Underground.)

Charap the Chatot, Lv 59 (♀)
Item: Sky Plate
Chatter, Hyper Voice, Roost, Sing
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