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(Mononym, last name constantly changes.)

Approx. 22


She tends to favor this one for its looks and charm, but it changes. (See below for details.)

About 5"7, 120 lbs.

Ave is a very blissful and mysterious person. Nothing really bothers Ave all that much- kind of stoic in a sense. Her eyes are a little lowered as if she were in a daze all the time, and she can often be found randomly dancing and singing to herself. To anyone, she is seen as rather a tad bit off or completely off her rocker. She always has a tiny smile on her face and giggles often. She seems to be trapped in a state of bliss, not that that bother her. She’s never really flustered or angered. She’s very outspoken, preferring to think everything aloud rather than just keep it to herself. She constantly spurts out what she wants in innocence (never really saying anything in spite even if it can be taken as an insult) and doesn’t really pay attention to what others say to her. She likes basking in the situation around her, leaving a lot of real action to be taken by her main partner, Endringhal. She’s pretty nice.

There’s also something else about this girl that’s off – not just about her personality, but about her in general. No one knows where she really came from. She tends to keep the name Ave but constantly switches out her middle and last names, and her body seems…. to be made of mist. Not like you can see anything under her skin, but like her body, if you look just close enough, isn’t real. That’s because it’s not. When she starting using Endringhal, she used him to grant her every desire, which he humbly did so with his illusion powers. Her usual appearance is actually a girl she once saw in a painting once, who she thought was extremely beautiful, and wanted to look like. Hence the name “Ave,” the name of the girl in the painting. But she constantly switches out her appearances to her whim, changing names as well to fit them. Her actual looks and name have been long forgotten to her, and this constant use of illusion has made her the way she is today. If you touch her, you still feel her real body, but you also feel the cold chill of the illusion mist around her.

Finally, she’s for hire. Do you need something, sweetie? Let me get it for you. Would you like minimal or maximum casualties? Yep. She’s one of those crazies. She’s very on task for her air-headed personality; and she’s not afraid to break a few limbs to ensure that she gets what she wants. Ave gets very…. unpredictable if she stops getting what she wants. Pretty amoral.

Hometown: Unknown, but if asked, she will say: “A cute little farmhouse in the south.”

Starting monster:


(Light, Lv. 5; Weak to Dark.)

About 2"1, Weightless.

This being mainly focuses on illusionary attacks; attack the opponent’s mind rather than straight up physically. This little fella is the reason why Ave is shrouded in so much mystery and illusionary effects, morphing anything around Ave into what she desires.


Cloud Shroud (Light)
Endringhal floods the area with steam that flows from its pours; causing its surroundings to be thick with smoke and rather hazy. This creates a small pocket world where Endringhal can tweak the background, appearances of people/creatures, etc. Illusionary effects are highly convincing and take on physical attributes (meaning, in this shroud, an illusion will also feel real and is convincing to the touch.) However, the mist dissipates after a while if not constantly being supplied.

(Weak) Telekinesis (Light)
Endringhal focuses his mind and moves small to medium sized objects mid-air for a short time. This is his main way of moving things. He can use this to his advantage to throw things at a foe and cause minor damage or just for casual purposes. In a panic situation, this technique may be weaker than usual since he can’t focus as intensely.

Faux Rain (Water)
Endringhal creates fake, illusionary rain in the area around him. It feels just like real rain and stings creatures that have a weakness to water. It also makes the surrounding area cloudy, creating shadows for future sneak attacks.

Astral Projectile (Light)
Endringhal flings an astral projection of himself at the foe, scaring them and doing decent damage. His main offensive attack.

*Endringhal's four-stage evolution system:


Second Stage
Endringhal grew taller, now standing at 5”4. His fur is now similar to that of porcupine quills, and his claws have becomes longer and stronger. The eyes on his chest have become more developed, being able to see hazily into the future. His muscle mass is probably the most predominant feature, and he now prefers to physically attack things. Endringhal has also sprouted a black, slimy tail, which drags snail-like goo wherever he goes. When he holds this tail, his Light powers increase. There seems to be little tribal markings appearing naturally on his now lighter blue fur.

Third Stage
Endringhal exploded in mass. He’s now 9”1 or so, and his width is about the size of a bus. He’s a big boy. Not only has he become more protective, loyal, and physically stronger, his fur has become more disheveled, lighter blue, and sharper. The slimy black tail is also bigger has rough skin, so Endringhal can use it similar to a flail and hit opponents. His muscles are very well defined, and his jaw has stretched out longer and is more bold; equipped with fearsome teeth. He speaks now, but in loud, ferocious roars. The eyes on his chest are now perfectly developed and can foresee the future crystal clear. His fur has large, strange markings embedded in it that mean something.

Fourth Stage
Endringhal is a great way to get around with now. He’s slightly bigger than his last stage and can be rode on, and his face eyes have opened to expose beady, angry black eyes. His body, for some reason, has formed open scar wounds from which miniature slimy black tail-like structures can spring out and grab foes with on his command. His roars are ear-piercing and intimidating, and his muscles are unbelievably tough and inconceivably mighty. His body also does this weird, decomposing-in-mushy-glob-structures thing that doesn’t seem to affect his health or body mass. There are huge, strange symbols all over Endringhal, and touching one taps into different powers he has.
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