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Adrian Santoro – America en-route to England

Adrian breathed a sigh of relief as Erika accepted his proposal of a leap of faith to join him in the Syndicate. He was quite new to the whole recruiting business, despite having been with the Syndicate for quite a while now. Erika had been his first recruitment assignment, so having it as a success was a good thing. They took a short taxi ride to the airport, checking in and hanging around until their plane arrived and they boarded it. It was a relatively slow and uneventful plane ride, although Adrian started getting annoyed at the Asian man sitting beside him moving around uncomfortably in his suit, continually reminding Adrian of his own ability hidden beneath the folds of his clothing.

Their plane landed in Heathrow Airport in the afternoon, and Adrian was glad to see that the Syndicate had sent them a driver and a car to take them up to Birmingham. Once in the black, tinted window car, they began their long ride to Birmingham, their estimated arrival time somewhere in the evening, meaning that Adrian would get to see October again.

Once out of London, Adrian apologised to Erika, “firstly, this must seem scary for you, it was pretty scary for me coming all the way from Rio in Brazil to here, but you will learn a lot, it’s quite a nice place.” Adrian then flexed his muscles, pushing out against his shirt until it ripped revealing a skin tight black shirt beneath custom made to fit the extra set of arms that protruded from around the bottom of his ribcage. “I’ve felt suffocated having to hide these, people just don’t understand us.” Adrian smiled his perfect smile at her again before cracking knuckles and fingers.

It was only a couple more hours before they pulled into the parking lot under the Syndicate’s tower, the driver pulling up to the lone elevator that stood in the rather empty parking lot. Adrian got out, offering one of his hands to Erika as a gesture out of the car before calling for the elevator and entering once it came.

“The Syndicate sorts everything for you. If there is anything you need, just call reception from the phone in your room and they will help you. Twenty-four hours service is nice to have.” The elevator dinged and the doors rolled open to the room in front of them. Adrian stepped out and motioned for Erika to join them.

“Adrian!” called October before she leapt into his arms, hugging him tight and planting a big kiss on his cheeks.

Adrian let her down after a couple of seconds before directing her attention to Erika, “October, this is Erika, Erika, this is October, so far the only other female with us.” Adrian watched as October smiled at her, extending out her hand in a handshake gesture.

“Finally good to have another girl around here!” October exclaimed before gesturing to the boys behind her, “…these guys are the other new recruits, if you need anything, I’ll be glad to help.” She returned to Adrian’s side, cuddling into one side of him.

Cobalt Chimura – America en-route to England

“Excellent, I’m glad to have you aboard, Brian,” Cobalt was relieved that Brian had accepted, he wasn’t really sure what the Oracle wanted with an Empath, but if it was the difference between winning and losing, then it was good to have the deciding factor. The car rolled onto the airport and they boarded the plane, Cobalt finding his plane seat even more uncomfortable with the suit on. It had been interesting checking in, they pair got an interesting look from the lady who took their tickets, but she would have seen much weirder than a grown man and a teenager boarding a plane; despite their racial and name differences.

If the plane ride wasn’t long enough, then the train ride from London to Boston was even longer. On the train, Cobalt decided to inform Brian about them, “So we are heading to our mansion in Boston, where we help to train promising young Atlanteans to better control their abilities. We have quite a few around the high school bracket, some above in their twenties, so I’m sure you will be able to find a friend. We do teach other things than how to control your ability, have to keep you up to date with your schooling too.” When Cobalt and the others had been young, they had lived in the mansion with their parents, only when their parents had passed on and they had acquired the inheritance did they turn from being so select to opening it up to teach others, mostly children of Atlanteans their parents had been friends with.

Once they arrived in Boston, Cobalt grabbed a taxi which took them out to the mansion. After paying the man a fair bit of money, Cobalt led Brian through the entrance and to the dining hall which was now empty save for a few stragglers. He went over to the table picking up a selection of food onto his plate, some of the warmer dishes still fairly warm, motion for Brian to do the same before sitting down at a nearby table to eat.

“Before I show you the mansion and your room,” he began talking to Brian between mouthfuls, “I have someone who would wish to see you, The Oracle is a nice lady,” he finished another mouthful before continuing, “then we can get you to bed, hopefully we can also get some training done tomorrow morning, how does that sound?”
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