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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    Personally, I've never understood why some people think having sex just because it feels good is such a bad thing. An active sex life really can improve the quality of your life. Research has already proven that frequent sex can prolong your lifespan by reducing risk of cancer and promote a healthier heart. Of course, we must always be mindful that when engaging in any sexual activity that we do so safely.

    When it comes to when the time is right for people to have sex though, I don't think that can be determined by using a universal standard. That's because we humans are as unique and varied as the snow flakes falling from the sky. No two of us are exactly alike (including identical twins).

    So when someone tells me they're ready for sex, all I'd suggest to them is that they do it safely. And of course, I'd tell them to have a good time.
    Oh, agreed for sure. (I can't believe this is my first post on this site...) I'm a 21 year old college student. I've had a few sexual partners. Yes, I regret it, but it's a release of badly needed hormones in my body. Helps me keep going and work harder.

    However, ever since those incidents I've vowed that the next time I engage in frivolous behavior will be in a relationship with a significant other.

    Each person is different in regards to preparation and readiness for this nocturnal activity. I don't think we should actively teach children about intercourse, but when the time comes we shouldn't hide it from them either. The human body is a wonderful thing and the things we can do with it (even in the bedroom) should never been something taboo.

    I agree with everyone about abstinence programs in high school and even middle schools. Sex ed should teach our youth about sex, not abstinence. Abstinence is not sex, and our educators are pretty much presenting it as sex.

    Our health teachers always told us that the only way to be completely safe is abstinence. I don't remember what they said, but it implied that abstinence was intercourse itself which made absolutely no sense to any of us.

    Two cents. I'm out.