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    ☼ *Which is better, Heatran or Volcarona?
    How to answer this...Heatran is a Legendary Pokemon that can be classify as Uber, Volcarona is OU. Both hold a 4x Weakness. Volcarona- Rock. Heatran- Ground. But for me personally, I've used Volcarona & I was able to sweep with her in the past. I'm choosing Volcarona...Quiver Dance FTW!

    ☼ *Do you agree that Fire starters are the best?
    I feel there aren't many 'powerful/strong' Fire Pokemon to compete against the starters. Aside from Arcanine and the Legendary Pokemon, Fire starters are probably the best there is. Not to mention Blaziken is in the class of itself with Speed Boost, he's just amazingly fast.

    ☼ *How would you use your Fire Pokemon to pull a prank on someone?
    Like, hide a small fire Pokemon like Numel or Charmander in an Oven or under a stove and heat it up so hot, to burn the food cooking?? xD

    ☼ *If one of Fire's 3 weaknesses were to be eliminated, which one should it be- Water, Ground or Rock?
    Ground! I would love to have Fire Pokemon that isn't so weak by Earthquake!! XD

    ☼ *Water starts boiling in much, much less heat than Steel, Steel doesn't even melt if the temperature isn't really high. Then why is Fire super effective against Steel, but not very effective against Water?

    Now that's a very good question that I may not have an answer to. I know why Water is super effective against fire, water clears out fire. That's what Firefighters do anyway xD Wait, would it be that Water get hotter but doesn't change a bit and absorbs the fire/heat by it? That's an idea xD