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Hello! I've recently started playing this MMO by Bioware and I am loving it.

I was wondering, is there anyone else on this forum that plays it as I would love to have some people to play with and do some Flash points with

Currently I'm rolling a bounty hunter and Jedi Sentinel on the Asia-pacific server Master Dar'Nala (Its the only PvP server).

So if you're on those servers drop me a line if you're alliance at:
Or if you're an empire lover at:

I look forward to playing with you all, perhaps if we get enough people we could make a PC guild for it.

If you would like a free 7 day trail of the game pm me your email address and name you want me to put down and I'll send you a trail.
I currently have 25 friends trails left that i can send out
The 7 days friend trail has these restrictions but is still awesome fun:
What restrictions, if any, will be placed on my friend’s seven (7) day free trial account?

The following restrictions will be placed on your friends account for the duration of the friend trial:
  • A Friends Trial character cannot exceed level 15. The player will be notified via social center notifications and chat message once they have hit the maximum level for their trial experience.
  • A Friends Trial character will only be able to play on their Origin World, Capital World, at the Fleet, a Warzone, and in their first Flashpoint. A message box will appear if a Friends Trial character attempts to go outside these areas.
  • A Friends Trial character will not be able to use general chat, trade chat, or PvP chat. The character will only be able to use local chat, group chat, guild chat, whisper and responses to whispers.
  • A Friends Trial character will not be able to send or reply to mail from other trial characters. However, your character will be able to receive in-game mail during the trial.
  • A Friends Trial character will not be able to us the Galactic Trade Network or trade with other players.
  • A Friends Trial character will only be able to level their Crew Skills ranking to 40.
  • A Friends Trial character will never gain Legacy XP. The Legacy system allows player to share high-level abilities among different characters on the same account.
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