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Partner Pokemon: ♥ the Staraptor (If not ♥, then Ghost)
Reason for joining: I love how contests work. It's also better than battling in my opinion. If only it was expanded. Besides that, I also loved getting the Footprint Ribbon and the Effort Ribbon.

What made you want to collect ribbons/coordinate?
Truthfully, it was because I preferred contests over battling. I berry-farmed for a couple of months then I realized that I could use them to make awesome poffins and that started it. It was also because I wanted to get into the Ribbon Syndicate.

P.S. The name for my Staraptor was inspired by the book Saga by Conor Kostick. It's an amazing book.

Challenges in progress:
Monotype Rock
Boldore Lv. 33 Dwebble Lv. 32 Tirtouga Lv. 32
I need to update faster...