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-Username: BZW Golem
-Reason to Join: well, I like breeding :3 For some reason, I feel that bred pokemon are in some way better than caught.. even if they aren't xD
-Choose (1) Pokemon: Minun

Which pokemon should have a baby pokemon that doesn't already have one?
90% 5 gen pokemon
ok, jk, but 5 gen pokemon really lack when it comes to baby pokes >.>

about other pokes.. I think.. Hippopotas (baby hippo <3), Nosepass (I want to see what they can come up with this xD), Numel (this one is already sweet, I want a even sweeter one xD), Miltank (It just feels so lonely without one :<)..

I don't want more baby pokes of 1 gen pokes.. there are already enough >.>

What are some good egg moves? (moves that you get through breeding)
Well.. I will choose Pursuit.
A bunch of pokes learn it through breeding.. and it's extremely useful :3

None at the moment, but Mac rules, just saying.