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Originally Posted by BZW Golem View Post
Name: BZWGolem
Partner Pokemon: Mew


1. About Phione
I don't think of it as a legendary for many reasons..
firstly, I even hardly find Manaphy as a legendary.. for some reason its story in any of the games was just so.. normal.
Secondly,you can make as many Phiones from one Manaphy as you want. A legendary should be only one in one game
Now why shouldn't Manaphy be a Legendary? I mean, it's rarity is no different than that of Mew/Celebi/Jirachi/Shaymin/Victini and they all share the same exact base stats. I never watched the movie of 'The Temple of the Sea' with the storyline focused on May and Manaphy, but base on reading the plot, it doesn't sound to good of a story compare to every other movies. Like I said, I've never seen the movie so I could be wrong. But the Phione idea, is just different. For one, Phione is really weak when comparing to other Legendary Pokemon. Otherwise it would be a completely different story if it was the opposite in base stats between Phione/Manaphy or having an even stronger Phione over Manaphy! My real question about this is:

Why are Mewtwo and Phione before Mew and Manaphy in the Pokedex, if they were created/bred by them? Would their new existence prove to place them AFTER their creator/parents in the Pokedex order? That's what puzzles me the most.

Originally Posted by Huggie View Post
I am quite excited and I really want to use them in battle but there's one thing I cannot understand..Black and white kyurem are actually new pokemon or will they just be combined in any way with zekrom and reshiiram?
Will it be like having two pokemon and poof!! suddenly have just one??? I don't think so
I wonder that myself. How will the Pokedex read these guys? I have a feeling they are just going to put them in as 'Alternate Forms' just like those of Skymin or Origin Giratina. I really think they should be in a new position of the Pokedex. Like have them be right after Genesect in the Pokedex to be #650 and #651. But doubt it. This new Fusion technique will be very new to everyone and interesting indeed. No one will understand or know how it works until the game releases. But if they are fused together and inseparable, that's a different question. Makes me wonder and really curious on how all this will play out!