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Welcome to errybody who's come to play since I last posted! XD

Originally Posted by Izanagi.
I have a funny story to kick things off. I work at Meijer, which has cart pushers that work out in the parking lot. I happen to know some of them, and one told me a particularly humorous story about his day. So he was out in the parking lot and he sees 2 men making out by a truck. Now none of us are bothered by this besides the fact that you shouldn't do things like that in the parking lot of a family friendly store. Well he turns his back to get some carts and when he looks back one of the men is gone. He thought he had climbed in the truck, but he slowly rises from the ground. Now we're unclear as to what he was doing, but I think you can guess what we were thinking. Just some of the things we experience. xD
Bahaha - I love those guys, that is so amazing. I love it when people just don't give a crap in public - I applaud those two men for saying "screw you, family values! Now, screw me!"

Originally Posted by Jorah
I still remember when I said "hi" to someone and he and the girl he was with started talking about why cashiers bother to talk. I could've punched them
I would have punched them! How dare they talk about you like that right in front of you? I've been working in retail for just on three years now and I've never once had anybody look down on me for that - but I guess when you're working in a liquor store and you get the same customers every single day they're really not in any position to judge anybody

Originally Posted by Harlequin
I can't count how many times I've had to smile and wave as an idiotic customer launched multiple verbal assaults at me for things that were completely out of my control. How was I supposed to know, Lil' Miss Cranky-Lobster-Faced-Divorcee (the divorce you were quite happy to tell me about at the counter even though I would've rather stood on rusty nails than hear you say another word about your husbands secretary), that months after you bought the shirt, you were too big to fit it? Maybe you should've eaten less or at least have tried on the shirt ONCE before that particular morning? I hate people sometimes.
What strikes me about this story is that they actually had the confidence to come back into the store and say "this doesn't fit me". If something like that ever happened to me I'd just die from the embarrassment of having gotten so fat, burned the shirt and moved on with my life.


This is what happened to me today:

I got called in to work (thereby ending the lovely notion I had of having three days off in a row for the first time ever) for a crappy 4-9 shift. It really bugs me that my manager did that because she wasn't allowed to; I have to have a certain amount of days off each fortnight and that cuts into it, but she just adds the hours onto the other days I did work so it was like I was never there.

ANYWAY that's not the point. What happened to me was: a woman coughed into her hand, then reached into her wallet and pulled a $50 note out of it and handed it to me.

I ****ing hate people that do that.

If you are coughing, I don't want you anywhere near me, and I certainly don't want to be touching anything you have been touching. As I see it, if you cough once in my vicinity at work, you forfeit the right to pay cash. You get your card out and you swipe it in the goddamn machine so that we do not touch any of the same things. Filthy disease-ridden pigs.

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