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    Since activity isn't going as well right now, I'd like to start a new topic, if that's alright?

    Which Fighting/Fire combination types of final starter Pokemon do you prefer and think is the best?

    Well to be quite honest. Emboar is the weakness and the worst one of the trio. Plus I hate its design with a passion. He's unique indeed, but he's at the very bottom of my list. His speed is very, very slow, and when come second, the attack that of being Super Effective could easily knock out Emboar with no problem. Attack is great, but lacks everything else.

    Infernape would be in the middle. Hiss Speed and Attack force can be devastating when used correctly. I see Infernape as a warrior, one who can fight its own battle and stand on his own! Have no fear! But then the same can be said for Blaziken

    Blaziken wins my vote hands down. Yes, he is in the Uber tier status, thanks to his Speed Boost/Protect abuse. But this isn't why. He's got a very high Attack stats, and with an average Speed stats, Speed Boost gives Blaziken the boost he needs to become a major and yet, ultimate threat to any one Pokemon. Plus, he's got the best design of the trio!