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    Yes they did.

    I'm saying current trend is pretty much carbon copy of Pokemon lines that already exist in B/W post game. Which is 40%ish of Hoenn's Pokedex. I think there were at least 44 extra Pokemon Post game amongst the three extra routes, a few new dungeons, and a few special spots.

    Altogether we had 200+ Pokemon in B/W which leaves 100 left for the new Pokedex, most lines are 2/3 we know Eevee is in it so 8, Growlithe +2, Koffing +2, Magnemite +3, that's 15 so far with only 4 lines. Sunkern is another 2 bringing it to 17 which is more than 3x's the number of Lines entered.

    Add maybe 10 more lines of 3 would add 30 more. 10 line of 2 brings that to 50. Add to the 17 we have 67 leaving 33 single lines and extra legendaries possible.

    Don't say they have to follow that specific order, but its pretty easy to take a guesstimate as to how many lines and singles may come with the games.