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[Hatched in Mistralton City]

Spring brings a few things in mind for me and I think Swablu represents them quite well. In spring, a lot of birdies hatch from their eggs, which is why hatching a adorable little Swablu was very suitable. Swablu's Cloud Nine ability reminds me of how when spring comes and the weather goes from being rainy to being normal and calm before then becoming hot and sunny in summer. Pluck is for all the fruits, vegetables and berries that grow in the spring. Finally, many of Swablu's Pokédex entries mention how it likes things clean and how it will clean its surroundings if they are dirty. Swablu's Emerald Pokédex entry also says that in spring, their flocks move closer to towns. This reminds me of spring cleaning, I can imagine all the wild Swablu flocking into town and helping the residents clean their houses after a long harsh winter. Also it may not be a plant, but SolarBeam has something to do with plants, so yeah.