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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    Get a Toxic, no problem at all with those guys =)

    No... that was in 1st generation maybe...
    darkrai is correct. sheer cold accuracy is dependent on the respective levels of both pkmn and would not hit at all if the opponent's level is higher.
    (check bulbapedia)

    hmm...i liking this hack
    just felt that the beginning part (all the way till u finally get pokeballs), though interesting in approach, is rather long-winded and draggy (i literally fast fwd thru the entire thing by pressing space bar on VBA)

    btw would be great if u can introduce DPPt style physical/special split for all the moves in the game, similar to wat's done in liquid crystal?
    (eg. Fire punch is based off Atk. while flamethrower is based off SP.Atk.?)
    its a shame that some pkmn like luxray have their STAB electric moves all based on its weaker Sp. Atk rather than Atk, which is the old (and arguably poorer) style.