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Thinking up ideas is by far the easiest part of making games for me... my brain just kinda does it on its own, whether I want to or not. lol

I've even gotten inspiration from the shape of some puddles left over after a shower once, and then built an entire game with plot/lore/etc all around it in the few seconds I was looking at it. I guess I just have a really overactive imagination though... once I see something that makes me think about some new game world, I imagine myself as being a character in that world, and start doing things, as if I were playing the game in my head. All of my game ideas (I have dozens at this point. lol) start like that. Always seems to start with thinking about the world, then putting myself in as the main character, and then building a plot for myself so I don't get bored in my little fantasy. lol

(I was originally trying to explain how I think of ideas, but I think I did a terrible job of it. lol)

Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
No, I think if I were to make a game it would ruin the allure of playing them. I understand it'd be a really rewarding creative process, but I think getting involved with the technical side of things would just kill the magic for me.
It's funny that you should mention magic... because my college application essay was all about how I lost the magic of video games when I grew up, and how I found it again in making my own games.