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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    Yeah apparently his brother took it without asking so we just played fifa instead /cries.

    I never did the 1P mode in melee but I got pretty good at the solo mode in SSB Original,
    I'm not sure what my best time was but I think I finished it on Very hard without losing a life once or twice. I thought that was a pretty good effort.

    Guys I think I just found a way to play SSB Melee.. xD I'll soon be a wealth of knowledge hopefully!!!
    Sometimes I'd go through and face 1P for fun, like after I obtained all the trophies. Otherwise I'd go through Multiplayer Melee since those are fun and setting up your own rules, etc. But I'm still working on All-Star Mode on Very Hard difficulty, doing attempting it with Peach. I've defeated it with Fox years ago. Adventure I've gotten both Peach and Fox done with on Very Hard, but took quite a few attempts with Peach. However Classic Mode I was able to defeat it with Peach and Fox and keep trying to break my points record, it seems that Peach has Fox beat on my end, everytime :X

    Somehow haha

    Has that knowledge been wealthy?