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I used to be first chair clarinet in my high school, but I had to drop out due to an accidental medication overdose that near put me in a coma. >_<;; So I missed a lot of meets and had to be taken out. I still LOVE to sing, though, and would LOVE to collab with someone on their originals or covers as the singer. I'm very sick though so my voice fails now, and it takes me time to do covers, but I still would like to be considered. <3

I'm most comfortable singing Rock, Pop, Rap/Horrocore, and Operatic Vocal. But i will try anything. I can sing in English, Japanese, Latin, and German. I can learn other language pronunciations with time and guidance. XD


A short Sample of a Cute J-pop cover.

WIP Samples of an original rock piece in Japanese.

WIP sample of original song with me focusing on harmony finding and 'lamenting' backing vocals.

My short english rendition of Flower of Hell. I did the backing voices too.

Rap Cover from one of my fav horrorcore songs.
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