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Workouts you can do when you're disabled? I'm assuming that by disabled you mean you're in a wheelchair but your upper body works?

I did a bit of a search and found some videos

A guy in a wheelchair who does crunches.

A guy using a pull down bar thing- I'm normally against these, normal pullups are better but I'm not sure if that's an option for you (Maybe you could, with help, get under lifted up to the bar, do your pullups and then get lowered into the wheelchair? I don't know at all and don't wanna pretend I know either).

Another guy working out in a wheelchair.

There's lots of videos and things to find online that you could potentially follow. What about dips? Put your wheelchair (Again, I'm just assuming you're in a wheelchair, I'm really not educated with this stuff) between the bars, grab them and do dips directly over your chair before lowering yourself back into it. Before you do anything though you'd want to consult a doctor or professional cuz they'd be more likely to know what can do damage.

Home workout program
10 -20 Push Ups
10-20 Pull Ups
10-20 Chin Ups
10-15 Jump Squats
10 -12 each leg Forward Lunges
45 Second Plank
45 Wall Squat
Is it necessary to have pull ups, chin ups and push ups all in one go? I don't think the chin ups are needed at all, personally. You get enough arm workouts with the push ups and the pull ups and they're more rounded exercises anyway. Never really done lunges but I really should. No idea whether wall squat adds anything, not something I'd do but it could be good. I'd be more inclined to add L-sits (They can be done by hanging from a pull up bar as well) and if you can't do L-sits, try just lifting your knees up and holding them there.

I've been doing poorly recently and am thinking of changing things up for myself but I'm considering something like this. Any comments would be appreciated ;) The aim is to keep it simple but also well rounded.

Day 1
Pull ups Yeah umm, I have no idea what I'd do for sets/reps.
Sit ups I'm guessing around 3 sets for each exercise

Day 2
Push ups/Dips
L-sits - 10 sets of holding it for 6 seconds is the plan for me.

Naturally it would include stretching and cardio and a day of rest whenever needed. I read somewhere that the biggest mistake people make when working out is thinking that just because they can do more reps that they should add more. Apparently you should maintain a workout for a few weeks even when you feel you can do more as it helps get your body rested and solidifies the progress you have made, helping you out in the long run. For anyone interested I read that in 'Building the Gymnastic Body' by Coach Christopher Sommer. I'd recommend you do your own reading though and potentially correct any mistakes I make cuz that would really help me ;)