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    So, I finally finished the beta!

    Here is my final feedback!


    #14 Shop again

    The audio from the shop is still missing!

    #15 Rival

    Now, who that might be?

    Surprise, surprise!

    A new rival!

    At least, so i think!

    Considering we see him being referred again, I assume that he is indeed the rival!

    And it's nice for once to have a rival that isn't "evil" least I think he isn't XD

    #16 Isaac

    Holy freak, this "Hulk" kicked my @$$ more than I can count!

    And his second pokemon is a Pikachu!

    At first, it doesn't make much sense, I understand that it was put there as a defense against flying-type pokemon but I was rather expecting an Electabuzz!

    Surprisingly, that Pikachu is tough!

    Even when I leveled up my Bulbasaur by a lot, it still gave me a hard time!

    And so, I managed to beat Isaac only with Bulbasaur in my very first time.......or so I thought until "cheater" Isaac sent Poliwrath to scoop me up and out!XD

    Fairly enough, the 2nd battle didn't white me out and Issac gave me the right to pass through the path that leads to Milky Village!

    Oh w8.....

    So,since I didn't have anything better to do, I decided to exploit the battle with Isaac to train my Pokemon!

    By getting my @$$ whooped, that's how!

    Woooooh, that was one hell of a beta!

    I expect even more from the next one!

    But before that....

    #17 Companions

    And I'm referring to Eevee and Oscar, especially Oscar!

    We finished the 4th gym and our companions didn't have that much screen time!

    Even Oscar didn't get to do anything else other than carry me to the lab so I could rest after the fight with the Darkness Captain!

    I assume Eevee never gonna appear again but Oscar really needs more screen time!

    #18 custom stuff

    Custom music, custom sprites, maybe pokemon from other generations, heck even fakemon, etc.

    I remember you saying that you are not going to add any new pokemon, I really hope you change your mind but for now I'm gonna pass that!

    I know that you don't like sprites that serve no purpose but custom sprites really add some uniqueness and freshness to a hack!

    Of course, there is some recoloring and we do have the sprite of the protagonist but there is nothing else!

    Think about this!

    Speaking about sprites, since the name of the rival is Ronald you might wanna use the sprite of Ronald from the Pokemon: Trading Card Game

    Oh, and yeah we do need some custom music!

    #19 ???

    And now, for some bloopers!

    OMG, Oscar turned evil!



    Guess I'm gonna need the De-Stone after all!

    That's all for now, if I have forgotten anything that's what the edit button is for!

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post

    Beta 3 announcement

    I'm not far from releasing a new beta now. I'm not going to give a certain release date yet but I'm quite sure the new version will be released 15/16th June.
    Oh snap!


    I won't be able to play the new beta until July since my exams come in a week!(Actually, this is a lie! I will probably still play but the fact is that my free time is restricted)

    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    ...But it turned out to not help me vs the Gym at all, which seems overpowered to say the least.
    Although this is late, here's my strategy and I think you'll agree!

    Actually, there is an easy way to defeat the first gym, Miksy91 has given us the weapons to do it!

    And, since I have the opportunity, let me tell you that Bulbasaur is probably the most valuable pokemon you have at least for this beta!

    So, let's go on with the strategy!

    Go into the Technical University of SUDEN and find Defense Curl!

    You're gonna need the Item Finder for that!

    Teach Bulbasaur the Defense Curl you got!

    Go and battle Ritch!

    Use Sand-Attack on his first pokemon 6 times!

    Do not beat his first pokemon yet!

    Bring out Bulbasaur!

    Use Defense Curl 6 times!

    By now Bulbasaur should be able to withstand the attacks of all of Ritch's pokemon!

    Use Leech Seed and beat all of his pokemon to the ground!

    And that's how you can easily beat the first gym!
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