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What is The PokéCommunity Tournament?

The PokéCommunity Tournament (PC Tour for short) is exactly what the name suggests: PC's official tournament. The PC Tour encourages the use of other metagames, and will likely change tournament styles (single-elimination, double-elimination, etc.) with each incarnation. You can consider PC Tour to be one of the biggest battling competitions here at PC, but it's still all in good fun. At the moment, PC Tour is only available through Pokémon Online, but a Wi-Fi division is possible if there's a high demand for it.

What is the current type of tournament?

This PC Tour will be based on a point system. Some people might be familiar with it, as it's usually the type of tournament we hold during PC's Get-Together. As with any tournament, the goal of this PC Tour is to win the most. Instead of having rounds like single-elimination, you can just hop on the server and start battling users to rack up points. Everyone starts at 0 points, and you earn points by winning battles. Depending on what tier you're playing in, you may receive more points than usual. This is how much one battle is worth in a tier:

If you win in one battle, you will receive this many points:

- PC OU: 25 points
- BW NU, DPPt OU, Adv OU, GSC OU: 20 points
- Any other tiers: 10 points

The point amount is submit to change.

Basically, you will have a high chance of winning if you battle a lot. And yes, Community Night and server tournament battles do count towards this, as well as ladder battles.

How long does the PC Tour last?

The tournament starts right now, but I will decide when it ends.

How do I sign up?

Post in this thread saying so with your PO username(s) listed. To post battles, you must compile them into one post using the following format, or I will not count your battles. Edit your post if you need to update.

1. Won/Lost vs ::

For example...

1. Won vs Anti :: Adv OU
2. Won vs Dark Azelf :: PC OU
3. Lost vs Lalapizzame :: Challenge Cup
...and so on.

The battles should be listed in order of oldest to newest. You can change the format for aesthetic reasons, but make sure it resembles the format suggested.

Sleep and Species clauses must be used in all battles.
Also, Wi-Fi clause must be used in all generation five battles. You are free to use any additional clauses.

Save the logs for your battles if the need for them ever arises.
Pokémon Online will automatically save logs if the "Save Battle Logs" option is checked under "Battle Options."

No rematches will be given if the battle was influenced by luck.

You may change teams anytime during this tournament.

You will lose 10 points if you reject a challenge.
You can refuse a challenge if you're idle, but you are not allowed to battle others while idle for the purpose of ignoring specific members. Simply put, only use idle when you are actually busy or don't want to partake in the tournament. Additionally, you can turn down a challenge if both you and the opponent can't decide on a tier to play in.

No watching battles unless both players don't mind.

The two users that have the most points by the end of this tournament will receive increased authority on the server for a week (i.e. user → mod, mod → admin, admin → owner). This doesn't mean they are allowed to abuse those powers while they have them. A server owner has every right to remove their authority if he sees fit to do so. Also, if an owner wins, the member with the next highest amount of points will earn the increased authority instead. Additionally, an emblem might be made if this PC Tour is successful.

▪ Points | PC Username / PO Username(s)

▪ 305 | Requility / Starships; Requility; Raikou
▪ 170 | Wolflare / blubberchomp; Bolin; Amon
▪ 165 | Dark Azelf / Sir Azelf (anything with "elf" in it)
▪ 120 | RandomTrainerWhoCould / WoohooFTW; [CWS] woohoo; anything related to woohoo
▪  50 | Miss Doronjo / Jenna; Arietta, the Wild; Iris; Viridi
▪   0 | Karpman / Honus
▪   0 | Vrai / dysfunctional; Zebraiken; some other stupid things