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    Right, here is my Pokemon fan fiction. Basically, there's this guy called Grey who's having his journey in Unova and the usual stuff. This has a twist. He wants to be in Team Plasma. But no spoilers.
    I'll post a new chapter every week or less for you, but PM me if I forget.
    Lets begin now.
    Chapter 1

    Grey woke up, today he would gt his pokemon. Tepig, the fire pokemon. Oshawott, the water pokemon. Snivy, the grass pokemon. They were all so good. He climbd out of bed, put on some clothes and went downstairs. Grey was ten with dark brown hair. He was wearing a plain grey shirt and dark blue trousers. He quickly poured some cereal into his mouth, he didn't want to be late. E put on his school shoes, god, those running shoes did not fit him, and walked out of the door. He went up to Prof. Juniper's lab and knocked on the door. Cedric answered the door.
    "Ah yes, Grey, come in. We have a pokemon for you." said Cedric, inviting Grey inside. Grey wandered through the door,
    "So where is my pokemon?" asked Grey, impatienty. Cedric brought Grey over to a machine with three pokeballs inside. Grey took Oshawott, the water pokemon. Grey sent out his pokemon. Then, the female Juniper, came downsairs, clutching a pokedex and five pokeballs.
    "Good morning Grey, I see you already have your pokemon. Well, here is your pokedex and pokeballs. This pokedex rather has a... well, a mind of it's own. It will advise you on the pokemon, but not how it should. Here is the pokeballs, I have five for you, I assume you already know how to capture a pokemon? Anyway, I'm sure you are anxious to start your journey. Good luck." she sa, opening the door for Grey.Grey walked out of the door, ready to start his pokemon journey. He started off down Route 1, trudging through the tall grass. Suddenly, a Lillipup leaped out at him! Grey threw Oshawott's pokeball, revealing the blue water pokemon. Grey held his pokedex to the Lillipup.
    "Lillipup, the weird dog pokemon. This specimen is actually worth it. Typically, Lillipup are weak little dog pokemon. They are tronger than Patrat, however, so is the strongest pokemon on Route 1. It knows Tackle, Leer and Bite. I suggest you capture it." said Grey's Pokedex. Oshawott tackled the wild Lillipup, causing it to yelp in pain. Lillipup used bite on Oshawott's head. Oshawott used water gun, causing Lillipup to let go. Grey quickly threw a pokeball. Click, click, click, clink.
    "You have caught Lllipup lvl4. Your Oshawott is now lvl6." piped up the pokedex, before closing down again. Grey wandered slightly further down Route 1.

    There you go, I just rewrote chapter 1. The rewrite of chapter 2 will be up soon. In the meantime, check out my other story, The Hoenn Dragons. Reviews are appreciated on both fanfics. Thanks for your time, docowocool.
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