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Valorie Ryder - Oak Town
As Selene approached Valorie remained oblivious to the other's presence, tunnel visioned in on the battle. The Chinchou immediately finished off Frillish with a jolt of electricity, the jellyfish pokemon going limp in mid-air and proceeding to hang there, seemingly indefinitely suspended. both the gallade and the swanna attempted to take down Valorie's Mamoswine but it was no use. The mammoth pokemon had bolstered it's defenses and attacks seemed to have only a small effect. striking back Mamoswine hit the swanna with an ice shard attack, Valorie's uncannily commanding voice delivering orders left and right as she attempted to stay on top of the task of ordering three pokemon at once. At the same time, she sent out Haxorus to replace Frillish. Haxorus made her entrance by roaring in a primal manner and charging a startled Gallade with all the restraint of a child that had just been given free reign over a new toy. The gallade struck Haxorus with a powerfully glowing arm but Haxorus' armor shrugged off the attack. It then hit the gallade hard with a counter attack, sending it to the ground where Haxorus immediately /ended/ that pokemon with a night slash at Valorie's command. Valorie's dragons had been a bit overkill on the boy.

However, when Flygon moved in to attempt to similarly down the chinchou Cedrick ordered his Swanna to use wide guard. Huh... Apparently lots of people taught their pokemon moves that pokemon couldn't normally learn. The chinchou reacted by firing a water pulse at Mamoswine, though the attack once again failed to take the larger pokemon down.

Valorie: "...That's your ace?"

Cedrick: "Pretty nifty, isn't it?"

Valorie's expression was slightly less than amused.

Valorie: "...Kind of late, don't you think? Flygon, dragon claw on Swanna!"

Yet when Flygon came at the swanna Cedrick ordered it to use wide guard again... and it worked. This set Valorie back a bit. Exactly how long could he keep that shield up? Certainly not long enough to defeat all three of her pokemon. Cedrick's chinchou unleashed another water pulse at Mamoswine. Valorie could tell he was getting worn down by all the attacks. What happened next surprised her though. Cedrick began to speak...

Cedrick: "Let's see you try and get a hit--"

Abruptly Cedrick was startled to the point that he literally jumped a bit in his shoes by the sound of Haxorus letting out something of a growl-roar directly at him whilst approaching him directly. What happened next very nearly terrified Valorie, but wound up putting a smile on her face instead. haxorus abruptly lunged forward, causing Cedrick to scream like a girl and the crowd to erupt in astonishment. To Valorie's relief however Haxorus immediately diverted attention to Swanna, taking the pokemon by surprise as it leaped in front of Cedrick to defend him. A dragon claw attack assured the swan pokemon was down for the count. Flygon and Mamoswine finished Chinchou in a similar manner. Valorie had won.

Cedrick seemed disappointed, returning his pokemon. Valorie moved over, smile on her face, and took the money she'd won from his willing hands.

Valorie: "Triple battles are just like regular battles, only with three pokemon instead of one." She paused a moment. "That was pretty nifty though. By the way, I'm from Unova~"

With that the crowd had started to disperse some, and Valorie turned to get a feel for how many people had just saw her. It was a fair sized crowd for a random impromptu battle; she was pleased with it, anyway. Or at least until her eyes drifted across Selene.

Valorie's eyes stopped when they noticed a very... wild looking girl looking at her. The girl seemed somehow familiar, but with all the things combined, Valorie honestly didn't recognize Selene right away! She found herself staring, trying to figure out what exactly it was when the realization creeped up on her like a thawing ice cube. She just sort of froze up, becoming somewhat pale in the face as it dawned on her. Her eyes widened as the full truth hit her like a fly ball upside the head. Holy crap... that was Selene, and she looked awful! Or at least she thought it was. She couldn't imagine why Selene would ever look like that. She opened her mouth to speak but knew not what to say, leaving her looking slack jawed for a moment. Deciding she couldn't bear to let herself make a jerk out of herself by sitting there and staring Valorie dropped any previous plans she might have had and moved over to Selene at a rather normal pace. Very few if any of the original crowd remained.

Valorie: "...Selene? A-are you okay?"

She was clearly concerned for her friend. The sheer poor state Selene had showed up in had taken priority over the joy she felt from her... 'friends' presence. She had been thinking of Selene only just before the battle, and it was as if someone had smiled down at her and gifted her with a prize greater than any single victory she had ever won. If she didn't know any better she would've said that today was a great day right then and there. However, once again, concern for Selene had shoved it's way to top priority.
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