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Valorie's approach caused Selene to tense up almost instinctively. As her friend drew closer, Selene's muscles were impossibly tight, she could almost feel them straining against the thinned, brittle bones of her skeleton to a point she was convinced they were about to snap. Eyes narrowed, not in open hostility, but more as an open indication of Selene's lose social skills. Every step Valorie took she was calculating, pre-empting what she might say, what she might ask, and how she, Selene, would answer.

Are you okay?

Alas, the first question Valorie asked was a difficult one. Okay. Was Selene okay? For an innocent question it wasn't half an impossible one to answer. It demanded some kind of knowledge of a normative state of mind, to know what being okay actually felt like as a standard to judge your current mind against. Selene didn't really know what feeling okay was like anymore. Some might suspect that she would make up an answer, reassure Valorie with a false smile, make small talk to try and get things back to how they were.

"I don't know," Selene chose to answer after a somewhat lengthy pause, her tone husky and measured, reflecting the careful thought in her mind. "I couldn't really say. But that's not really important. I enjoyed watching your battle, you and your Pokemon have certainly grown in strength and in ability..." she trailed off and paused, her brows knitting together thoughtfully, "except for Frilish," she qualified, somewhat abruptly. "You really need to evolve Frillish, she's fairly weak in her current state. I can help you train, if you'd like."

Her eyes drifted to the milkshake shop across the way. "I really want a milkshake," she blurted out, looking at Valorie slightly awkwardly as she felt the loose change in the back pocket of her jeans. Amazingly the coins hadn't slipped through the swiss cheese-esque holes in the bottom of the stitching. "I don't know if I'm supposed to wait for you to come with me or not, but you can follow me if you'd like," she finished with a slight shrug, turning and walking toward the shop. She wasn't being deliberately rude to Valorie. She just genuinely didn't know how she should act.
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