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    Thanks for finding the errors!
    Originally Posted by Traweezie View Post
    I've dled the game and I'll play it pretty soon but I have one suggestion(Not to sure how possible it is for you to do this) But you should have trade codes and battle codes like Pokemon Raptor. I think it'll make the game even more fun if you can trade with people and battle their teams. I think it'll fit perfectly in this game.
    About the trades I prefer to make this game offline (but I can change my mind, so don't stop requesting)
    About gives a code for battles versus a trainer team, this idea is very interesting! Very good sugestion!

    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    ok, thx i got the game working. also, the starter glitch is real, i got an extra but i didint find it fair so i reset the game.

    edit: oh and the games good and all, love the idea, but grammer needs some fixing and unova pokemon dont have abilities. i bought a zorua and it has no ability. all and all tho, still a good game!

    oh and legendary pokemon, are they found on the map on in the wild?
    Like I cited in topic, the game doen't have generations 4 and 5 Abilities (yet), but some Unova pokémon that have the gen 1/2/3 ability, like Purrloin with Limber, have these abilities.
    Who wants to sugest grammars corretions feels free.
    The legendary pokémon are hidden. Find and see!
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