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Originally Posted by XSky RiderX View Post
Seems that it has been confirmed, according to Serebii, that Keldeo will have an alternate forme, also known as its Resolution Forme. No pictures have been revealed yet, but until then, anyone have an idea on what it might look like?
Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
"Following yesterday's reveal of Keldeo's form, people at 2ch discovered a post on Shokotan's, the presenter of Pokémon Smash, blog detailing her astonishment at Keldeo's Resolution Forme (かくごのすがた). There are still currently no pictures but CoroCoro is due on Friday and could leak any time before them so keep checking back for confirmation of this name's authenticity and more"

I hope this isn't true, Keledo is fine as it is.. I'm only just warming to the Kami Trio new formes. I can't really imagine how they could change Keledo for the better?
Pokejungle now has the rumor posted, but is continuing to treat it like a rumor. I would urge everyone to think of it as such as well because...well remember the last coro coro when they said there was a new Professor? We got Burnette and she had nothing to do with the games. She wasn't even the one the rumor was about. Still, it hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

Pokejungle also says the two forms are called "Training Form", What Keldeo usually looks like, and "Valiant Form" his new form. We have two different translations for names which isn't that uncommon in rumors between Serebii and Pokejungle but since there isn't anything concrete I'm still gunna run this off as a rumor until Coro Coro comes out.
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