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Started: June 9th, 2012
I'm starting a new game on White, yay! It's why I bought it in the first place... I started with Oshawott in Black, Tepig in my old White, so I'm selecting Snivy in this White. I obtain a Female Snivy on my first try. She's so adorable!

Nickname: Yasmin | Nature: Sassy

I decided against catching any Patrat/Lillipup just yet. I whip N in the first town. I'm moving pretty slowly along. It's how I start all adventures. I do catch a level 7 Lillpup in the next Route. I'm so not prepared to face Bianca. I don't even remember her being here, haha. I use a Potion at the start of the battle so I easily win.

Once I reach Striaton City, I foolishly run to the Dreamyard... I think I'm missing some story-related events, haha. I did pick up the Panpour. I run into the Trainer's School to whip Cher-WAIT I NEVER HEALED MY POKEMON OH NOES.

...Thank goodness I have Panpour, ugh. I really don't like the monkey trio. I heal up and head back into the Gym.

Well, it's thunderstorming so I'll save my progress and update this post later. :(

Edit: There we go. :) I defeated Chili rather easily. My mind was absolutely blown when my Snivy ate her Oran Berry, Chili's Lillipup activated Pick Up, and it ate an Oran Berry too! I don't remember Pickup being useful in RSE. -_-

Alrighty, so I can use Cut. I save Munna from nasty Plasma Grunts. I'm just really freaking happy I got the C-Gear because I can now trade with Black. Guess who I'm sending over? It's something I always wanted to use in-game, Tirtouga!

Nickname: Halstein | Nature: Adamant

As soon as I enter Route 3, Cheren has to show his wittle butt and battle me. I'm forced to retrieve the little girl's stolen Pokemon... I just wanna charge through everything! I try to walk by Bianca but noooo, I have to get my reward, Heal Balls. Whateva.

I'm in Nacrene! I check out the cafe and some buildings. It was raining, so I might as well dope around story-wise. I didn't want to advance too much, or else I would forget what to type here! I do go to the Nacrene Gym, only to encounter N once again. I make quick work of him; even Yasmin evolved at level 17!

Nickname: Yasmin | Nature: Sassy

I have to do a little bit more training before I can take on Lenora...