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    Name: Helix Valestone
    Nickname: Helix
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Helix is one best described as potential and mature. He has great intelligence towards pokemon and also human being. He usually addresses to anyone he speaks to as valiant, showing his utmost respect to his friends and loyalty to his elders. He is highly skillful in battling and will enjoy any battle even though when he's at the point of losing. He is usually seen with a pinch of a smile on his face and will try not to make an enemy out of anyone. As a mature warrior, as he addresses himself, he carries around a book in his hand which will show his interest in reading and also being plain mature. Helix hates when he is denied. He won't fight but will back down and try another day. Even so, he doesn't give up easily, he will show quite a challenge if facing him in a battle and surely he is someone which may blow your mind out of surprises.

    History: Being born in a most wealthy family, Helix showed no highly personality whatsoever. His father was a business men and his mother was a famous model. They lived out in the outskirts of Snowpoint City in a mansion. Helix was greatful about his life but he didn't have any friends, which everyone avoided because of his wealth, up until he experienced a pokemon battle. It thrilled his heart with anticipation which lead him of becoming a trainer or even more.

    As of being so wealthy, his house contained a whole collection of adventurous books which touched him deeply thus becoming fond of having his own pokemon. His parents saw his excitement grew as he, himself, grew older, 13. After reaching the age of 14, Helix had received the most top notch knowledge on nearly all kinds of pokemons and he declared that he was ready for adventure. Being such a lovely treasure to his parents, they eventually rewarded him a gold ticket to head to a newly discovered region. Helix became so happy and thanked his parents greatfully for their gesture. Helix soon departed and is now on his way to Celestic Region.

    Starter: Tyrogue
    Nickname: Relix

    Proof of Reading: evil, Lunara, Nova
    Others: None

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    A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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