Thread: [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
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So do you see Ash reunited with a lot of them through out Best Wishes 2?
Of course it is yet to be seen what capacity his past pokemon will be used it would seem perfect stage to have several of them reappear and aid Ash in this or maybe even the league later on. I'd love to see pokemon like Gible appear off and on through out the season though. I think if they would appear too much it would take away from development of his current team.

Do you see them being utilized either in World Tournament or Unova League?
I can see a majority of them being utilized in this tournament namely old pokemon that haven't seen screen time or battle time in years. Unova League though I have more of a feeling his 10 pokemon he currently has is a fine enough of a rotation.

Which Pokemon of Ashs are you hoping to see the most?
Primeape, since I have literally not seen this guy in over a decade. I thought he was lost forever after the years had pasted. So I am eager to see him again and how he will match up when used since I strongly believe he will be utilized. I'd like to see Torterra redeem himself from all the loses he incurred since evolving. He needs a signature win already and I hope he gets one.

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