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    I am devouring this game! I love it. I was never a fan of Turn-Based-Strategy-Games, Never tried a pokemon Spin-Off before. However, this game changed my opinion of both.

    What makes Conquest different from other SRPGs is that all of the pokemon characters are instantly recognizable. You as a player are instantly invested in the well being of your pokemon team.

    Each of the gold warriors has a personality, but you don't see much of it in the Main Story episode. Maybe future games could be more plot driven, but this IS a pokemon games, so...

    Since all of the silver warriors have a unique name and their pokemon teams are remembered throughout all the 32 episodes, it would be nice if they all had different sprites. Their names are all Japanese, so I mostly recognize them by sight - but some of them look the same, so that causes confusion.

    Only now are FAQs being written about the game on Gamefaqs, but they are nowhere near complete. In the future I would like to see the kind of Mathematical Deconstruction of the games mechanics to know exactly how the game works. (like the Conquest effects of poison, burn, sleep, confusion.) Also, If we knew what factors contributed to the raising of a pokemon's Attack, we could learn how to evolve a pokemon faster.

    The idea of a pokemon evolving from their Attack, Defense, or Speed was a really good idea for this game. Each warrior has a level-cap on any pokemon that is not his "Best Link". This way, a pokemon can evolve even if the have a low level-cap. (low being like 40%)

    I want a Sequel of this game on the 3DS. I want Battle Revolution Graphics, Online Battles on special Online Battle Maps.
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