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    Black Restart Day 3 Part 1

    Well I battled all the trainer on Route 3. I went to heal my pokemon after the Plasma Battle then went back into Wellsprings Cave to catch a Roggenrola. After that I went down and caught a Pidove,Patrat,Lillipup,Purrloin,and a Blizle. Cheren met me in Nacrene City and showed me the Poke Center. I then battled N at the Gym before I entered. I decided it be best to train and I went to the outside part on Pinwheel Forest. There I caught a Tympole and a Timburr. I tried to catch a Sawk,but failed. After battleing all the trainers,I went back to the gym and battled the 3 trainers before Lenora. My Treecko eveolved in the process. I then challenged her. Her first pokemon went down fairly easy,but Watchog defeated all my pokemon inculdeing my Riolu because was put to sleep twice. So now I am going to train a little more and rechallenge her. I also plan on returning to Wellsprings Cave to catch a Woobat and a Drilbur

    Current team:
    Grovyle Lv 16
    Rufflet Lv 16
    Growlithe Lv 16
    Oshawott Lv 16
    Riolu Lv 16
    Roggenrola Lv 16