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    Yay, finally done :3 Please tell me if I need to make any changes so I can make them pronto!

    Full Name: Eve Murphy

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Cerulean City

    Appearance: Eve is fairly short, standing at 5'2" and having to look up to people, literally. She is small framed but is decently toned, as she is a runner. Eve has pin-straight, jet black shaggy hair that just barely manages to touch her shoulders. She doesn't bother styling it in any special way, just combs it daily. Her pale white face has no moles, freckles or blemishes. Eve's left eye is brown and her right eye is a bright blue. Her ears are pierced but she does not wear earrings, so the holes will likely close soon.

    Eve wears a black t-shirt with "Bad Brains" in big red letters on it and bright green jeans. She wears worn down white sneakers with red laces that look much newer than the shoes themselves. Eve paints her nails the exact same shade of green as her jeans. She frequently has white earphones inside her ears which connect to a silver MP3 player she carries in her jeans pocket.

    Personality: Eve loves to draw and will sketch things that are incredible or inspiring in her eyes. She is polite to people she doesn't know very well, as she likes to leave good first impressions. She often is one to initiate the first conversation with somebody who happens to spark her interest.

    As long as it doesn't involve telling her what to do, she will let most other people get their way with things. However, she absolutely hates when people try to control her or her thoughts, and can get very angry if they insist even after she assertively declined. Eve isn't one to explode in screaming or yelling, though; when she's mad, she'll scowl at you, turn up her MP3 loud enough for other people to hear the music, and ignore you. Either that, or she'll bicker with you until you leave her alone. Eve also has a strange habit of sticking out her tongue often. If a person's personality is compatible with hers (i.e. they're not a controlling jerk) she will get along fine and be pretty calm and pleasant. Eve is very uneasy around adults or anyone who has authority over her, though.

    Albeit fairly cool and collected, Eve is a risk taker and will do whatever she thinks is necessary to get what she wants despite the odds. That includes stealing things, but she doesn't always do this. Maybe she's partly a thief because she feels she is in control?

    Biography: Eve was born and grew up in Cerulean City with her older sister. Eve's parents always travelled around to different regions, so they left her in the care of her older sister, Sophie. Eve hated her older sister because she always sat around and tried to make Eve do all of the household chores. Sophie was constantly bringing her friends over and all they did was watch movies and trash the place, which Eve had to clean up later.

    She constantly got in physical fights with Sophie over the chores or other small things, like who got to be in control of the TV remote or who got to go out with friends while the other stayed home to clean up the constant messes. Eve attended school, but it wasn't to learn about Pokémon like most of the neighborhood children. She went to school to improve her english, math skills, artistic abilities, etc.

    When she came home, you guessed it. Another mini war with Sophie about who got to eat the last slice of pizza left in the fridge. And then a race to see who made it out the door again first. As time went on, Eve grew tired of having to fight for everything she had the right to have. She tried her best to limit the time she spent at home. She stayed outside in the nearby routes to draw or go for a jog. Eve felt good when she jogged, so she started doing it whenever she possibly could. Sophie began to nag and get angry because now SHE was stuck with the chores. Eve's usual response was to turn up the music in her MP3 player, stick her tongue out at Sophie and later run off again.

    One day, when Eve was jogging, she got distracted by the scenery and crashed into an old man, knocking both of them to the ground. Eve immediately blushed and apologized, helping him to his feet. The man acted as if it didn't happen and demanded that Eve take "this thing". He held out a rope to her. She looked down and saw a Sneasel tied to the end of the rope.

    Eve never really focused any of her attention on Pokémon, so she grimaced and asked what that thing was. The man told her it was a demon, forced her to take the rope and walked off as fast as he could. Eve tried to protest but she didn't want to seem rude. She nervously looked down at the Sneasel and removed the rope, though not without getting a gazillion scratches from it. Eve hated the Sneasel at first and tried to get rid of it (of course, she failed), but as time went on they formed a close bond and now the Sneasel rides around on Eve's shoulder or head everywhere. The Sneasel, now named Achilles (pronounced AH-sheel) helped her catch a Horsea and Grimer. Eve spent most of her time training the three Pokémon outside of her house, but when she did go home for the day, it continued with arguments and fights with Sophie over trivial things.


    Species: Sneasel
    Nickname: Achilles (ah-SHEEL)
    Level: 34
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Faint Attack, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Payback
    Personality: Achilles is aggressive with anyone he doesn't know well. He likes to scare people by jumping out at them when they have their guard down. Achilles would physically hurt people if he could, but Eve shuns him from doing so, since she is well aware of how much his darn scratches hurt.
    Short Bio: Achilles was bred by a Pokémon breeder who constantly bred more and more Sneasel. The breeder did not breed for acceptable behavior but focused on sheer power. A family adopted Achilles from him, but soon released the Sneasel as it was disobedient and would scratch them. An old man caught Achilles but soon wanted to get rid of him for the same reason. However, this man was too kind and felt bad just releasing the Sneasel, so he decided he would put it in someone else's hands instead. Thus, he tied its neck to a rope and gave it to a random black haired jogger who managed to get its behavior somewhat in check.

    Species: Seadra
    Nickname: Elaine
    Level: 33
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Sniper
    Moveset: Leer, Focus Energy, Bubblebeam, Agility, Dragon Rage
    Personality: Elaine is cold and doesn't appreciate interaction with people. Like Achilles, she has a strong bond with Eve. For some reason, Elaine really enjoys listening to the music in Eve's MP3 player, so they both listen to music to bond with each other. Elaine loves to battle and will always try her hardest to win.
    Short Bio: Elaine lived with a school of Horsea in the ocean and her life wasn't all too exciting. All they did was swim around, eat and sleep. One day, she saw something strange floating in the water, and when she went to retrieve it, she was pulled up the surface and saw a stranger with a blue weasel/cat thing. After a short battle, she was caught.

    Species: Grimer
    Nickname: Rio
    Level: 20
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Stench
    Moveset: Pound, Mud-slap, Sludge, Thunderbolt, Shadow Sneak
    Personality: Rio is extremely friendly and gets along well with anyone he meets. The problem with him is that he smells so bad that most people hate him. He doesn't let everyone's dislike get to him and he constantly tries to be friendly. He loves giving hugs.
    Short Bio: Rio, like Elaine, lived in the ocean and didn't do much. He stayed stuck to hard surfaces, like the side of a cliff, and ate unsuspecting Pokémon who were unfortunate enough to swim by. He was caught the same way Elaine was - saw something strange, tried to eat it, and was pulled up to the surface by a human who then proceeded to fight and catch him. The fact that the human didn't seem to care about his stench made him extremely happy. Maybe too happy.
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