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Deep within Eterna Forest lies the Old Chateau, and abandoned mansion aroused in mystery. Many tales of it being haunted have floated around Eterna City. Citings of ghosts have been recorded by townsfolk, but do you believe in such a unnatural presence? In general, did you find the Old Chateau interesting at all? Was it a place where you found useful for catching ghastly, haunter, gengar and rotom? Or didn't you bother with visiting? Were you disatifsfied by the little backstory to the ghost citings, would you have much prefered a little more informaiton and perhaps even a side quest to tie in with the Old Chateau?

I definitely found the Old Chateau interesting on first investigations. It held many useful items, and the creepy presence I felt while wandering in the abandoned structure made the whole experience just a little more exiciting. I used my captured ghastly throughout my Sinnoh Pokemon Journey and is now one of my strongest Pokemon -- as a gengar.
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