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After defeating the incinerating gym leader from Striaton City - Chili, I walked out of the gym full of confidence. I noticed a clever looking woman wearing a lab coat gesture towards my direction. She walked over and introduced herself as Professor Fennel and asked me to follow here. I did as I was told and entered her laboratory. Upstairs, she told me that she knew Professor Juniper from college and kindly gave me the first Hidden Machine of my journey - HM01 Cut. She then asked me to head over to the Dreamyard for her and collect an item called the Dream Mist from a Pokemon called Munna in the Dreamyard to be able to collect save data from trainers. It sounded like an adventure, so I accepted and left for the Dreamyard.

Off to the Dreamyard!

Before I went into the Dreamyard, I visited the Pokemon center where I healed my Pokemon to full health and also picked up the Patrat I caught earlier and added it to my team so that I would teach it Cut (I had a feeling I would be needing it to proceed through the Dreamyard). I then left the city and entered the Dreamyard. I found the tree which I could cut and prominently called on Patrat to help me cut down the tree. As I walked forward, Bianca appears apparently hearing the sound coming from the back of the Dreamyard. We both proceed in that direction to find a very startling situation. There were two members of Team Plasma who seemed be after the same goal as I was, however they weren't there for scientific purposes, they wanted to used the Dream Mist to scare trainers into giving up their Pokemon through nightmares. Upon telling us this, both of the grunts engaged in battle with me and were both subsequently defeated by Panpour. After their loss, they refused to be graceful in defeat and continued trying to bully Munna into giving them the Dream Mist. Before I could interfere, another strange man who I had seen earlier giving the speech with Team Plasma in Accumula town re appeared. He seemed to be high up within the organisation because he scared the two grunts off. Afterwards, the man who goes by the name of Ghetsis also disappeared himself. Then, another Pokemon turned up next to Munna called Musharna and this Pokemon apparently created an illusion of Ghetsis to scare off the grunts. Musharna is the evolved form of Munna so it was trying to protect it. Professor Fennel turns up to the scene to witness Musharna leaving the scene with Munna and, subsequently, dropping the Dream Mist that she desired. Fennel goes back to her laboratory and Bianca leaves to explore more of the Dreamyard. I decided to go and visit Fennel again.

Thanks and connections

Back in the top floor of Fennel's laboratory, she kindly gives me an item called the C-Gear as a token of appreciation for helping her get the Dream Mist. A girl called Amanita also gives me an item called the Pal Pad to be able to register my friends for WiFi activities using Nintendo's WiFi system. I then leave the laboratory, heal my Pokemon and then head east towards Route 3 and the next part of my journey.
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