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Oh boy... @[email protected]
These are the songs by the bands that I haven't heard any other songs from, or that I only like one of their songs. o.o
Gravedigger ~ Matthew Good
Wonderwall ~ Oasis
Save Tonight ~ Eagle Eye Cherry
St. Anger ~ Metallica
So Far Away ~ Staind
Rearranged ~ limpbizket
The Boys of Summer ~ The Ataris
Girls Not Grey ~ AFI
Good Times ~ Finger Eleven
Heaven ~ Live
Headstrong ~ Trapt
Giving Up on Love ~ The Ataris
Try Honesty ~ Billy Talent
Lose Yourself ~ Eminem
Stupid Girl ~ Cold
I Hate Everything About You ~ 3 Days Grace
Diamonds and Guns ~ The Transplants
Song #2 ~ Blur
Bring Me to Life ~ Evanescence(sp? )
Last Resort ~ Papa Roach
Smooth Criminal ~ Alien Ant Farm
She Hates Me ~ Puddle of Mudd
Hanging By a Moment ~ Lifehouse
Breathing ~ Lifehouse
Cleaning Out My Closet ~ Eminem
Without Me ~ Eminem
Kiss From a Rose ~ Seal
I'm With You ~ Avril Lavigne
Goodbye to You ~ Michelle Branch
Ordinary Day ~ Vanessa Carleton
A Thousand Miles ~ Vanessa Carleton
Everywhere ~ Michell Branch
I Would Walk 500 Miles ~ Proclaimers
Youth of the Nation ~ P.O.D.
Black Black Heart ~ David Usher
Standing at the Edge of the Earth ~ Blessed Union of Souls
For This Girl ~ Evan and Jaron
The Way I Am ~ Eminem
Graduation ~ Vitamin C

These are the bands in which I love every song~
The Offspring
Sum 41
Treble Charger
Our Lady Peace
Linkin Park
Smashing Pumpkins
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The White Stripes
Simple Plan
Jimmy Eat World
System of a Down
Blink 182
Not By Choice
Goo Goo Dolls
Crack the Sky (if you've heard of them, good on you. XDD)
Savage Garden
Smash Mouth
3 Doors Down
Good Charlotte

Ehehe... @[email protected] That's my list, for now. That's not including anime music.

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