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    Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
    I hope you realize that there are palettes that change from tileset 2 to tileset 2, right? Palettes 7-12 (I think, it might be 9-12 or something. Don't quote me.) change depending on the tileset 2 you have chosen. Recreate your original bridge palette on palette 8 or 7 or 12 or whatever. You'll get the colors you wanted for the bridge without clogging up any other palettes. It's a handy thing to do to create more colorful scenes.

    If any of my information is wrong, please speak up and tell me. You'll definitely want to back up your ROM before doing any of this, although it wouldn't screw up your game that much...

    This is why there are usually palettes that are one or two colors, like a dark blue and black on some maps. These are palettes that were placed in the game but aren't actually used. All the better for editing, right?

    EDIT: I almost forgot: Good luck with your hack.
    Ah yes, I'm aware of this. Problem is I've dedicated some of those numbers to pallets I use throughout. For example, I have another darker green pallet other than 0 in the 8th spot for the tall grass, other trees, etc.
    The pink roof has a pallet, and the body of the house takes up one.
    There may be one left to dedicate to the platform, I'll give it a lookski.
    I appreciate the suggestion! Things like this will make my game all the better =)
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