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Caedmon Yeonart
Kanto Enclave

It was completely pitch-black as Caedmon and the Timburr he was walking next to, were nearing the enclave once more. The smaller Pokémon looked a little anxious, but made sure to keep himself close to Caedmon, most likely from fear of what he would do to him, should he try to escape.

Caedmon was mentally preparing himself for what he may find when he arrived. He was ready to wait days for the Mechanists to arrive, and he had the patience for it. He did know that some Knights were left behind to deal with the remainder of the forces there. It wasn’t a lot, but they were enough to deal with a considerable amount of the Mechanists.

As they neared the hole into the city, Caedmon’s ears twitched and he narrowed his eyes slightly, lifting a paw for the Timburr to stop, which it did. He looked up at Caedmon with a confused expression while Caedmon looked ahead of him, ears twitching as he strained himself to hear the sounds of fighting and yelling coming from the Enclave.

He grit his teeth and lowered himself down to pick up the Timburr, who squeaked out, halfly in fear and halfly, simply in surprise. Caedmon dashed forwards with the smaller Pokémon held up against him, ducking under and dashing to the sides of trees and their branches. He eventually reached the Enclave’s hole, and it was evident that a battle was taking place. He moved over to the side of the hole and began sliding down, making sure to keep himself in the darkness and remain hidden, for now at least.

He lowered the Timburr down as he reached one of the houses and hid behind it, looking down at it.

“I want you to stay here, until I signal for you to come out.”
The Timburr nodded meekly, sitting himself against the wall. Caedmon stood up and nodded, and without hesitation, strode over to the corner of the house, where he snuck around it and moved along the wall, until the battle was clear in front of him. Several of the Mechanists and Knights had slipped their way into the houses to the sides, but there were still considerable numbers in the middle of the street.

Caedmon went over his options in his head, frowning a little at the rather blatant approach to this, he would have to take. He took a deep breath to steady himself, as he had done so many times before, before calling out at the top of his lungs.

“Knights, fall back! The Enclave has fallen and their spirits are broken! Fall back to Markus!”

At first, only a few of the knights seemed to peer backwards. Unable to see him, since he was half-hiding in the shadows, and confused at the order. He growled out lowly before barking out once more.

“I said FALL BACK! Order from the council! Do not lose anymore knights to hold something useless! FALL BACK, and report to Swine!”

This seemed to get their attention, and the knights in the middle of the street managed to break off from their fighting and dashed backwards, away from the Mechanists and towards the entrance to the dark forest outside. There were still some knights within the houses around them, but the Mechanists could deal with them. First thing’s first.

As the knights in the middle of the street had disappeared, and some of the Mechanists, somewhat surprised, had ran into some of the houses to help their friends, Caedmon stepped out into the street, his eyes fixed on two individuals who were still present in the middle of the street. A Blaziken, and a Leavanny.

Caedmon stepped slightly closer, but stopped away from melee-distance, his back rigid and his arms along his sides as he glanced between the two with the ever-expressionless, metaphorical, mask on his face.

“I wish to see your leader, Mechanists.”
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