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This sounds fun. I would very much love to reserve. I have to leave for work in a bit, so I'll just post a name, age, and names of Pokemon for now. I'll have the full form completed either tonight or tomorrow morning. :D I may change the character image as well. To clarify, yes she is a miko (shrine maiden).

Name: Amaterasu Aoi (For the sake of uniformity, presented in Western style, meaning her first name is listed before her last.)
Age: Seventeen
Date of Birth: November 17
Gender: Female
Hometown: Izumo Shrine, located in the mountains of Johto to the north of Ecruteak City.
Reason for Entering: Amaterasu has been experiencing strange dreams depicting a shadowy figure descending over site of the Grand Tournament. She believes a legendary Pokemon or some other deity is beckoning her to enter the tournament to stop this force.

History: (Should be at least two paragraphs)
Pokemon: Ninetales (Female), Dragonair (Female), Sceptile (Male)
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