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Hope this is ok! >:3

Name: Alex Hall
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 19th January
Gender: Male
Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Reason for Entering: The money (and a good excuse to get away from boring daily life).

Appearance: Alex has deep red hair. When left unkept it covers his deep, blue eyes, however he much prefers to wear it up – held in place by his father’s black bandana, which in turn exposes his lucky earring. His skin is similar to his mother’s pale complexion, whose skin colour is typical for the residents of Snowpoint City. More used to colder conditions, Alex is often found in layers – a red scarf and a fitted blue and white jacket. Even in the warmer towns he refuses to sacrifice his style.
History: In his childhood, Alex was raised in Snowpoint City, by both his parents. For most of his life this was the norm, with little change in his routine, friends or family. However, following his parents’ marriage breaking down he now lives with just his father, who runs a delivery business. Alex rarely sees his mother any more, and spends most of his time tending to the mail-Pidgeys of his Dad’s business.

As the breakup progresses his father became more and more distant, leading to both him and Alex being isolated – despite living in the same house. Alex ended up fending for himself; cooking, cleaning and maintaining the house in his absence, whilst actively avoiding him when he was home. Longing to get away, and make his own life and world separate of his parents’ mistakes, Alex became interested in Pokémon training. At first he only battled with the bird Pokémon at his work - but the battles were never serious, as he couldn't afford for the delivery birds to get injured. Eventually he started training out of town, taking his favourite Pidgey, Squirt, with him. Squirt and Alex became quite a pair, battling and battling until they both became quite adept.

As his talents grew, Alex thought about challenging the Sinnoh Gym Leaders. Foolishly he first fought with his local leader Candice - she proved far too skilled, taking out Squirt with a few powerful ice attacks. Alex realised that in order to become a better trainer he couldn't just rely on one Pokémon, and soon caught a Meditite on route 217. Encouraged by the fierce rivalry between little Squirt and Alex's new Pokémon, training sped up and the young Pidgey soon evolved. Alex and his duo were soon victorious at the Snowpoint Gym, where Candice recommended they traveled around the rest of the region battling.

Three years later and Alex had battled across most of Sinnoh, collecting the Gym badges as he went. Surprisingly, with his son finding some recognition (and sometimes money), Alex's Dad became much more interested in his life. It was him that suggested Alex join the Grand Tournament, after seeing the outrageous cash prize to the winner.

Nickname: Squirt
Nature: Brave
Moveset: Mirror Move, Brave Bird, Twister, Tailwind.

Nickname: -
Nature: Quirky
Moveset: Force Palm, Psycho Cut, Bulk Up, Rock Slide.

Nickname: Fang
Nature: Modest
Moveset: Electro Ball, Bug Buzz, Agility, Energy Ball.
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