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The Old Chateau is absolutely amazing. It's a great example of building narrative through gameplay and not just by spitting out dialog at the player.
Everything you gather from the Chateau, with the exception of some slight backstory through Gardenia, is brought about by what you perceive in there.

Their "hidden specialty" is the Old Gateau, which heals any status ailments. A gateau is a cake. From what we know, there was once a "butler" and a little girl. Through this gameplay element you can already begin formulating relationships in your head. The little girl may have liked cake; the butler may have been good at making cake.
Then there are hidden items. The one that I love to draw people's attention to is the Antidote in the trash can in the kitchen connected to the dining hall.
Yes, the item that cures poison is conveniently thrown away in the kitchen wastebasket.

Now, the ambiguity of it all is really where this narrative sub-plot shines. Just like the "Mewtwo Mystery" of gen 1, the player has almost all the pieces, and its up to them to piece it together.
Was this another incident of "the butler did it?" to the little girl, and so her young soul remains here, while his remains out of remorse or guilt?
Was it maybe even the girl who poisoned the butler, and if so, what could be her motives? Was it neither of them at all?
Rotom's existence here, along with the message of the "motor," seem to hint at Charon at least visiting (considering that it was he who discovered Rotom, and it can only be found in the Chateau)--did he have anything to do with this? Or was it someone (or something) else entirely?
The Gastly that roam the mansion ARE part Poison. Did they have a part in this? Or were they even here when the family was alive? If they weren't, why are they here now?
Was it even poison that killed the girl and man, or did they die of other causes?

All of these questions arise simply because the game presents standard elements in an area that we know to have some history. With the exception of the Gateau (which is, in essence, the Lava Cookie's replacement), Game Freak didn't even need to make new elements for the mansion. They already had Antidotes, sprites of people, Pokemon, TVs, and notes. All they had to do was put them together in a way that told its own story, even if it wasn't entirely obvious about what happened.
And you know what they say: a dead man tells no tales. So there's no reason for the entire story to be given away, right?

So you can safely say that I love the Old Chateau and all it has to offer to not only DPP, but the series as a whole.

(Also, Gengar can only be found in the room with the painting with red eyes...just think about what THAT could mean!)