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    This is the 1st story i my series of fics using a characr called Chaos. It is set 10 years after the 6th story. I have not released the others anywhere yet.


    Giovanni was in a cave, halfway between Johto and Kanto. Chaos had put him there - a mere wreck of his former self. She had summoned Celebi with her crystal, taking Giovanni here.

    The Rocket executives were flying astride Scizors. "Here is the cave!" yelled Proton as they went into land, returning their Scizors. "Toxicroak, brick break!" shouted Petrel, throwing an ultra ball. Toxicroak slashed out at the wall, leaving a large dent. "Useless..." mumbled Ariana "Nidoking fury attack!" she continued, hurling a pokeball. Midoking and Toxicroak destroyed the wall, revealing Giovanni!

    The prologue is shorter than the chapters... The story will start in Chapter 1. Feel free too review and leave constructive criticism. I will listen, and as Boxer says in Animal farm "I will work harder!"
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