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    This is my first fic here, so I apologize for anything weird. And don't be fooled by the title-this isn't some weird traveling around for badges and stuff story. In fact I'm pretty sure there'll be none of that in this story.

    The main character is Hilda, but I have renamed her Maria because it fits her better.

    Ooookay, so here goes...
    You Will Be The Very Best

    Chapter One- A Not-So-Mysterious Caller
    I was at the store when he called.

    To anyone else, this might seem like the beginning of a romantic comedy. That's not what's going on here, so if you're looking for one, that's not what you're going to get.

    What you are about to read is absolutely true. I mean it. Everyone thinks it isn't, but I swear. It all happened.

    Anyway, I was at the store when he called.

    That will be 600P-”

    Sorry,” I said, hastily shoving the money on the counter and grabbing the Potion. I briskly walked out the door as fast as I could, not wanting the weirdos who hang around the Pokemon Center to overhear whoever was calling me. There are a few people, at least two, who love to eavesdrop. I pulled out my phone.

    Maria! I am needing help from you! Meet me at your house!”

    Umm, who is this?” I asked, but the person had already hung up. I stared at the phone as if it would explain the mysterious caller.

    Oh well, probably just a prank call, I thought. The phone went back into my bag. But I probably should head home. Maybe it's some weird cousin of mine.

    How was I supposed to get there, though? I couldn't very well take out my usual flier, considering that, although I'd gotten used to it, it still looked to everyone else like an epic white dragon of myth and lore, and was likely to attract attention.

    At least I wasn't that far from my hometown. I was just in Striaton, looking for Fennel, who had called me earlier. Something about needing to update a link? I couldn't remember. I had visited her lab, but she had been out for some reason. It made me wonder if it had all been a set-up.

    I was close enough to bike, anyway. It wasn't too far. I had walked the whole way before, anyway, so biking shouldn't be a big deal. I headed over to the bike rack and untethered my bike. As soon as I got on, the music player started to play some annoying song. I thought I had turned it off! Crap. I reached under the seat and flicked the switch off. Why would a bike come with a theme song, anyway? I don't see the point. Oh well. Silph does what Silph wants to do... I pedaled out of the gate and onto Route 2.

    Going this way always made me think of the adventure of a year ago. I had started out on an adventure, without any real idea of what danger was out there. I sometimes wondered what my life would have been like if I hadn't set out that day. Would I have just stayed in Nuvema my whole life and had a kid that would do the same thing? That's what Bel's parents expected would happen to them, and it did...sort of. Bel was still in Nuvema, but she was certainly not going to stay there her whole life. If I knew Bel at all, she wasn't going to stay put for too long. She might not be the most adventurous, but she does have quite a curious streak. Cheren, on the other hand...I hadn't seen him since we battled a few months ago at Victory Road. I wondered if he was still there, or if he had moved on somewhere else. But of course, we'd all moved on...

    I was so absorbed in my musings that I almost biked into a pond. An angry fisherman glared at me. I looked around. Route 1 already? I must have really not been paying attention. I was close enough to walk to Nuvema, so I hopped off my bike, which said “Have a nice day!” and walked into town.

    Nuvema's a quiet place on a good day. On a bad day, it loses its quaint charm and crosses the line from “quiet” into “unbearably dull”. It was in the middle today. No one was out walking around except for that weird old guy that says the same thing over and over. Just for kicks, I walked over to him.

    The power of science is amazing! Now you can use infrared to do all sorts of things in the blink of an eye!” he said enthusiastically. That was what he said every time, and the whole town knew that was all he'd ever say. I instantly felt guilty for bothering him. He had what was known as Anpeci's disease, a disorder that makes you feel compulsed to say the same thing all the time. It was pretty common in the senior citizens of Unova. The poor guy couldn't help it.

    I rang the bell on my home's door. My mom shouted “Come in!” like she usually did, and then added, “Your cousins are here!”

    Huh. I must have been right. My cousins must have prank-called me. Which cousins were these, though? It was either Tommie and Tia, the five year olds; or Brandon and Kyrie, the siblings who were both in college. It could also be Black. We'd been friends since I was a little kid, and my mom liked to joke that he was my cousin because we've got the same last name, coincidentally. His real name is Hilbert, but he hates it, so everyone who knows him just calls him Black. He'd moved to Castelia City a while ago, and I hadn't seen him in a year. I hoped it was Black. Brandon hated me, and Kyrie was unnaturally quiet. But when I opened the door, nothing greeted me.

    The room was completely empty, but the TV was still on. As I investigated in its area, it cheerfully said, “Would you like to change the channel, Maria?”

    Ugh. Silph. You people could make so many better things, and you make a talking TV? I don't get it. It's just as pointless as a music-playing bike. I told the TV to shut up, and it resumed playing whatever show was on.

    WHERE IS MY MOM?!?! I thought. If my mom wasn't in, who had called my name before?

    I suddenly noticed a folded piece of paper on the floor. Well, semi-folded-- It looked more like a failed attempt to make an origami shoe. I picked it up and read the message written on it.

    Change of planning! We are meeting behind the  lab that is Juniper’s! Oh, and your mom is out at shopping. read the note.

    What the heck was going on? I ran out the door and walked as quickly as I could to Juniper's lab. Behind the lab? Whoever the mystery person was, it wasn't my cousins. The five-year-olds couldn't write yet, and Kyrie hated going anywhere dirty. She was a complete neat freak, and Juniper's back lot, unlike the spotless inside of the lab, was a mess. Black wouldn't do something like this either. I was feeling doubtful about the whole situation. What if it was a kidnapper? What if it was the one criminal I hadn't tracked down at the end of last year, come back to get me? Calm down. Stop being so paranoid. It's probably your mom with some surprise or something.

    I walked into the back lot. At first, I didn't see anything. I ventured further, toward a dumpster. Suddenly, I heard the sound of obvious footsteps behind me. I whirled around.

    A man stood there, wearing a brown overcoat over a black suit and looking extremely suspicious. His dark brown hair stuck out to the right, like he'd been standing in the wind too long.

    YOU AGAIN?!?!?!” I shouted.

    Maria! You did come! Now, we need to go! There are things that need dealt with!” he said.

    What in the world do you want, Looker? You want me to go chasing around for a bunch of criminals so you can have your fun putting them in handcuffs? Huh? No. NO WAY. Whatever you want to bother me about this time, Mr Agent of The International Police, you're not getting it. JUST GO AWAY.”
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