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    -Jett Minks-

    Chapter 3, Part 1

    The Pokemon Center wasn't exactly where Jett wanted to be, but he was hard pressed to think of a place he wanted to be at all. He supposed that sitting down in one of the Pokemon Center's chairs was as good of a thing to be doing as any.

    It came as a surprise to Jett, that he was no longer feeling quite so distressed about anything. Today had been a long day, but he, like his Tepig, was just tired. Still, there was no way he was spending another night in Viridian City, so as soon as his Pokemon were done healing he was going to get out of here.

    He had been sitting in the chair for fifteen minutes already, and so another three minutes was all it took for the nurse to call to him. She looked like she had some kind of lecture just hanging on the tip of her tongue. It was probably something about treating his Pokemon better, abut Jett didn't need to hear it. He'd had one too many life lessons for the day.

    And the last one he took to heart. Harsh words could become kindness, and maybe just apologizing was enough to set him on the right path. Of course no change came overnight, but people made resolutions every day to be a better person, so why couldn't he?

    So he walked up to the counter, gathered his Pokemon, and muttered a, "Thank you." before the nurse could say anything. It wasn't that he was ungrateful that his Pokemon were healed, but he muttered because he was a little intimidated. That nurse definitely has the potential to be scary.

    Out the door he went, heading to the Pokemart. It wasn't a grand shopping expedition, he just picked up a few more potions and an couple of antidotes (he knew a bit about Viridian Forest, and had the suspicion he would need them). After that he headed out the door in a hurry, hoping to make his way through the forest before the sun started to set.

    Route Two should have been an uneventful walk. Instead he was challenged to a battle immediately after he entered the route. A young boy ran over to him. He was dressed in summer clothes, clutching a bug net in one hand. "Hey! You! I wanna battle! Right here, right now!"

    Jett, not wanting a repeat of earlier decided to reply, "No." He started along the path, only to be followed.

    "Hey! Come on! You're a trainer, you can't say no!"

    Jett sighed, turning around. "Is that not exactly what I just did."

    The boy taking this as Jett giving in to his request – okay, demand – threw a Pokeball (he must have pulled it out while Jett's back was turned). "Go, Caterpie! Let's teach this guy a lesson!"

    Needless to say Jett was completely and utterly confused. "A Caterpie?" he asked, shaking his head in dismay. "Fine."

    He pulled out the ball for his own Caterpie. No point in overkill, right.

    The boy, not very well versed in the correct way to battle, took that opportunity to immediately attack. "Tackle!" the boy yelled out, overly excited, even to the point of waving around his arms.

    "Counter with String Shot," Jett instructed, voice neutral.

    From Jett's Caterpie's mouth shot a line of sticky web, covering the other Caterpie, and pushing it back as well. The boy's Pokemon stopped just short of Jett's.

    "Now tackle."

    Jett's Caterpie knocked into the other one, evidently doing some amount of damage.

    "No way! Caterpie get unstuck and use Tackle!" cried the boy.

    Unfortunately for the boy's Caterpie it could not get out of the web fast enough to avoid yet another tackle from Jett's Caterpie. The hit effectively knocked out the other boy's Pokemon, leaving him only to stand there, mouth hanging open in awe.

    "But how?"

    Jett shrugged. "Train harder, I guess."

    He then picked up his own Pokemon, placing it on his shoulder, and continued to walk towards the forest. Well, this was good, right? He'd finally remained calm for an entire battle, albeit a short one.

    And he was kind of impressed with his Caterpie, despite his victory being to someone so inexperienced. The little Pokemon needed a name. "I don't know...Catie maybe?"

    He had mused that aloud, such a silly nickname, and pased on its name too. Maybe he should just be set on having a whole team of Pokemon that sounded like humans. No. He needed a name that sounded at least somewhat related.

    "How about Luna?"

    He was thinking of moths when he came up with it, but it was the name that stuck, and his Caterpie was from then on known as Luna. Nicknames were kind of a big deal in Jett's party.

    It was time to enter the forest now, kind of an intimidating place, when close up. So Jett went in thorough the gate. This...the whole journey, he just knew it was going to change everything.
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