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Genevieve “Vieve” Gostle


Wild Violet


2-Story Townhouse, Southern Florida, United States. The house itself is very nature focused as her mother loves anything that is nature-related. Their couches and beds are even made from real bamboo which isn't as comfortable as one might think. The lower level contains a kitchen, dining room, and living room that are all connected in that order. The upper lower is where all the rooms are located there are six rooms and two bathrooms.

Genevieve lives with her Mother who is 32 and her twin brother Gavin. Her father passed a few years back a fact that Genevieve would rather neglect. Her mother is a professional gardner and does it for a living. She helps start off people with gardens and teaches them how to properly take care of them. Gavin is what one would call a social butterfly which translate to he is never home. As twins most would think that they should have a stronger connection but they don't. This doesn't mean that Genevieve hates Gavin or vice versa but they are just two separate people and prefer to be treated as such.

Appearance: Genevieve is rather tall for her age, 5’7”, she inherits her height from her father’s side which only reminds her of him. Her raven, black hair is tied to the (left) side in a high ponytail with a white hairband keeping it in place. Pale, white skin is what she’s accustomed to despite the fact that she lives in Florida. The paleness only heightens the awareness of how dark her hair actually is. She has two ever-changing hazel eyes, which seems to switch to green without warning. A pair of black-rimmed spectacles sits firmly on her face, she only needs them to read things that are far away. Her dress was just a plain white but that was before she caught into the paint. Splashes of orange, green, and purple cover the strapless dress from back to front. There is a black belt that wraps around her midriff and ties into a ribbon though it often comes undone. For shoes Genevieve wears a pair of white flip-flops because they’re the most comfortable shoes for her. On Genevieve’s right wrist is a white watch that was once her father’s, he had gave it to her right before he passed. The clock had stop telling time a long time ago but it was too sentimental for her to take off.

Personality: A calm in nature girl, Genevieve tends to sit on the computer for hours giggling simply to distract her from everyday pain. Genevieve’s not as intellectual as she would prefer to be but she gets decent grades in school to please her mother. She is able to think on her feet and work extremely well under pressure as she feels she is always under pressure. Much like her father she is stubborn when she thinks she needs to be. Genevieve tends to have a “her way or the highway” attitude though when things don’t go her way it doesn’t upset her. Unfortunately to some Genevieve might not be the most loyal person in the world as she is easily persuaded. If someone were to keep telling her one thing over time she would began to accept it as the truth. Determining what is right or wrong has always been a struggle for her, which is why she looks to others to guide her decisions.

One thing is for certain Genevieve prefers to follow rather than to take on the responsibilities of leading people. The idea itself terrifies her to no end and she will stay as far as she can from it. When she is emotional it is hard to tell because of her ability to stay so calm in a situation. In most situations she is able to separate her feelings from her what she has to do but she can’t always control them. When she is angry she grows silent and bottles everything inside until she unleashes on some poor victim. Also, Genevieve is very apologetic when she felt like she has done something wrong. This makes her go so far as crying because she feels like she has done a great wrong to this person.

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