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    Name: Ricardo Nieto


    Color: Slate Gray

    Sex: Male

    Home: San Diego, California, USA
    Ricardo lives with his family in La Jolla, California; a wealthy suburb in southern California. His house is a large villa, colored completely in white with large windows and a lot of natural light. Despite this, Ricardo's room, the size of a small house in area, is usually dark due to his curtains being permanently closed, so his only real light source is his computer monitor's. The house in itself is large and extravagant, large predatory animals line the driveway (well, they're trees trimmed to look like animals, really), large marble pillars serve as its foundation, a pristine pool is located in the backyard, and can be turned into a wave pool with the touch of a button, and a personal jacuzzi gathers dust on Ricardo's personal balcony. However, despite the grandeur of the house, it has always seemed cold and desolate to Ricardo… like a nice shoe that doesn't quite fit you.

    Family: Ricardo lives with his older brother (17), his mom (47), and his dad (51). He also has an older sister (19) who recently left for college. His dad is a chemistry teacher at a local university, and his mom is a stay-at-home mom, although she doesn't do much apart from cooking (sometimes) due to all of the servants around the house. Ricardo doesn't have a very good relationship with his brother, who's always been pretty athletic, unlike him. Furthermore, Ricardo has family in Mexico he doesn't visit much, although his grandmother tends to go to his home, and bring sweets and firecrackers. Ricardo also has family in Northern California where they own a ranch. There are several horses in this ranch, one of which belongs to Ricardo (named Sonriente), and Ricardo has been taught since a young age how to ride on horseback. He is adept at running, jumping, doing "charrerías", and playing Polo, which is a personal favorite of his.

    Appearance: With straight brown hair and green eyes, Ricardo isn't the stereotypical Mexican living in the United States. As a matter of fact, people usually don't even believe he's Mexican until he begins speaking Spanish (due to his perfect English accent). He is tall and lanky, although soft and pudgy rather than muscular. His skin is very pale, and he has a small mole on his neck. His eyes are large and pretty rounded, his nose is slightly crooked and he has only the slightest wisp of a mustache, despite the fact that he's already grown a lot of chest and armpit hairs. Ricardo usually wears jeans and polo shirts. Due to the fact that his family is pretty damn well off, these are usually Lacoste or Hollister… store-bought, never from an outlet. He also has several khakis and khaki shorts, as well as light cotton shirts he wears when his family takes trips to the beach.

    Personality: Due to his "Richie-rich" upbringing, Ricardo tends to be quite the brat. He is elitist to a fault, extremely pampered, and very dismissive of people from a "lower status". Ricardo dislikes almost any type of sport (barring polo); especially, American football and soccer, where a player is extremely liable to "get dirty". Because of this, he doesn't like playing with the kids from his neighborhood, preferring to sit down and stay at his computer all day playing computer games. Among these computer games, his favorite is Minecraft. Ricardo is considered a "prodigy" of the game and he can sit down twenty-four hours straight in front of his desktop, designing worlds and buildings and castles as a hobby. His family doesn't mind this, since they believe it feeds his "love for architecture and design". Despite the fact that he has difficulty making friends in person, Ricardo frequents several online forums under his username 'Soriente96', and he has a large network of 'friends' there, being a popular user in almost all of the forums he frequents.

    Interests: Architecture. Horses. Polo. Watching videos of people getting beat up on the internet.

    Dislikes: Sports. Chores. Sports. Dirt.

    Theme song: Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
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