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As far as I know, it is pretty much impossible. I've never seen a tutorial for removing pokemon, and any time i tried to do it from scratch, it didn't work.

A flag makes it so something can no longer happen. Use this script as an example:
#dyn 0x740000
#org @start
checkflag 0x1001
if true jump @flag-2

//Flag has not been activated
msgbox @flag-1-msg

setflag 0x1001

#org @flag-2

//Flag has been activated:
msgbox @flag-2-msg


#org @flag-1-msg
= The flag hasn't been set yet.

#org @flag-2-msg
= Now it has.

When you first talk to the person, the flag (0x1001 in this case) has not been set yet. So according to this script, the person will say "The flag hasn't been set yet." However in this script, flag 0x1001 is set after you talk to the person. the command "checkflag 0x1001" checks to see if the flag has been set yet. So if you talk to them again, the person will say "Now it has." If you remove the "setflag 0x1001" part, then you can talk to this person over and over again and they will continue to say "The flag hasn't been set yet."

You could make a completely separate script for a different person and include "setflag 0x1001". Then if you go back to the first person, they will say "Now it has."

Every time you use a flag, you have to use a different number. If you use the same number for two different scripts, then once the flag is set, it will be set for both scripts. So you have to be careful. Use a different flag number every time UNLESS you want it to work out that way.

I hope that helps out. If it does, great if not, sorry. Try youtube. Normally there are lots of tutorials on flags.

I have a question though. (And I'll be honest, I haven't looked through all of the posts yet, my computer is really slow.)

Is there a way to script movement for ruby/sapphire in PKSV? The movements provided on the first post only seem to work on fire red. On ruby they either move the person the wrong way or freeze the game.

I figured out and mastered movement for ruby/sapphire. I need help with the green box script events. I CANNOT figure it out. I need the player to step on the script event and for a message to be displayed. That's it. Can anyone help?
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