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Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

"First, Guardia this will not be easy." Daricka listened intently as Defender started speaking, everyone falling silent to hear what he had to say. "Stay on a cautious mind, everyone. There is going to be some kind of trick the ancients are going to pull on us. This is a high profile prisoner, they wouldn't just have basic ancients guarding the prisoners. There could easily be a Sentinel hiding somewhere, or even the ancients could be trained. They... could be ditto. It would be hard to pull off, but that possibility does come to mind." Daricka hadn't thought of that, but now that he mentioned it, it was a possibility, and could be troublesome.

"I guess it technically is possible, but don't forget you have me around too!" Speculum mentioned.

"Now, there is something else that can help." The Golduck eyed the Poochyena and Houndour that would serve as decoys. "Right, you two are no doubt fast. Once those ancients make a bee line for you, run as fast as you can. Oh! There can also be Aerodactyl in the skies, be prepared for that as well, so get in the trees as fast as possible. A tactic they could have is keeping an Aerodactyl with a Sentinel on it on standby. I remember during my past we had a plan where a Mincinno rode around on a Pidgey to get to high places. If we thought of it, the Sentinel could think of it as well. Every so often, have some of the birds scan the skies, they could be hiding in the clouds. They could use the elevation to use long range attacks on us, and we wouldn't be able to hit him or her." Daricka made a note of that in her mind - she wouldn't want to be caught off guard by a Sentinel. "Apart from that, that would be all I can think of. Everyone stay safe, and be ready to retreat into the trees just in case there is a Sentinel in the clouds. Got that? Apart from that, everyone get in position. We need to start off as good as possible and have as much of an advantage as we can."

Daricka nodded and tensed her legs before springing onto a tree branch above her. She nimbly made her way a bit further up the tree until she found a spot where the leaf-cover was thickest. Pulling a branch down slightly allowed her to see the site where the holes were hidden and she watched the area beyond it with narrowed eyes.

"Hey!" Calamity whispered to the others in the surrounding trees, and Darikca immediately snapped her head in the direction he was gesturing and spotted the prisoner escort. She scanned the marching ancients until her eyes landed on the Pokemon right at their center. With the sacks covering the upper parts of their bodies, they were no doubt the prisoners the Gold Tribe was here to rescue.

"Look!" Guardia whispered loudly. "There's the brother with the other prisoners. They're here." As the Poochyena and Houndour left the shelter of the trees, every muscle in Daricka's body tensed as she waited for the moment to attack.

"Hey, ye' mindless cowards!" the Poochyena taunted. "Why don't you go back into your caves and get the hell offa our lands!"

"Yea! Yer all supposed to be dead! Go back to being dead!" the Houndour joined in with a shout.

Dull as they were, it took sometime for the Ancients to notice the two thieves, and when they did they started marching toward the two. Once the charging ancients had tumbled into the pit traps, the Beedrill sent out the flying and grass-types to dump the Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. In the chaos that ensued, the Ancients that had not succumbed to the traps formed a barrier around the prisoners.

"Well, we did all we can. Now it's yer turn. Seems like you'll have to fight your way through, but they seem pretty confused, so nows yer chance! Go you golden b*stards!" the Beedrill called to the Gold Tribe.

"Check the prisoners first! They could be enemies in disguise!" As Daricka sprung from her hiding spot, one of her ears twitched back to catch what Defender was saying. A small frown crossed her face. If that was the case and there were enemies hiding among the prisoners, she doubted that the king of thieves would thank the Gold Tribe for bringing them into his domain. And what if one of the prisoners was a Sentinel? The more she thought about, the more likely it seemed, and before long she found herself trying to remember the Sentinels she knew of.

Unfortunately, there wasn't really all that much time for her to think about it as she turned her focus to first getting to the prisoners and firing off a series of Focus Blasts at the Ancients. At least if there did turn out to be enemies among the prisoners she would be prepared.